5 Vintage Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

Furniture and appliances make a house functional. But to make it a proper home, you need specific decorations for some regions of the house. For most people, the living room is one such area of contention. Some prefer a more contemporary and modern living space. But most homeowners still feel the need for an old-fashioned look. It can come in the form of several decorating items, such as ceramics, pillows, and probably a couple of vintage rugs to make it homier.

Vintage items are from an era spanning four decades. Some already have such pieces on hand because it is part of their collection or handed down as an heirloom by their grandparents. So some opt for an old-fashioned vibe in their living room just because they have the decorating goods on hand. However, not all antique-looking decorations mesh with one another. As a home decorator, it is your responsibility to ensure that all decors in a room are cohesive with each other. The goal is to have a space that allows them to go back in time with the presence of their old things.

An art den for a living room

Do you have paintings that can pass as from classical times? Or do you have lamps that exude the Hollywood Regency times? Hang a picture or two on the walls, and situate hanging lights at the corners of the room as artsy accents to your living area. Instead of a table, plop up vintage pillows in the middle of the chamber for an artistic look. Go for bold yet warm colours for walls and highlights.

Have a vintage rug at the entryway

You can place vintage rugs on the pathways leading to your living area. These would exude the vibe of being transported into a different place. For instance, a vintage Moroccan rug is a perfect accent to an entryway into your house. Gabbeh or Afghan rugs are also some of those that can be used to highlight your living area.

Paint the walls in earthy tones

The mid-century was filled with pomp and grandeur. There was a lot of colour experimentation in home decorating at this time. So it was no surprise that more earthy hues replaced immaculate white walls. The famous wall colours of the eras gone by are usually navy blue, light green, off-white, reds, and sunshine yellow. You can use them singularly or in combination with one another, with a darker colour to accent wall panelling.

Get some plants and lamps in there

Those decades used plants outside and inside the homes. You can draw inspiration from that by using tall plants as decorations inside the living room. A plant as an accent will do. But if you want to bring in one more – especially since they bring new oxygen in your house – limit it to two big ones. Also, a tall or narrow lamp was the order of the day back then. Go for stand-alone lamps or table lamps to further emphasise the era you are trying to bring back.

The 1920s to 1960s have a timeless charm that appeals to even the current generation of homeowners. Ageless yet highly functional furniture pieces combined with vintage accents and paraphernalia embody a home designer that still sees the classics in a magnificent, antique way.

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