Digital money is all the rage these days. With digital currency, you don’t have to worry about carrying a card or holding onto stacks of cash and can pay for almost anything, including travel.

Except for those less techy among us who could use some help using their new bitcoin wallet, are you wondering which sites will let you book travel with Bitcoin?

This blog outlines six websites that accept digital currency and are great places to start your search!

Cheap Air

CheapAir is more than just an online travel agency. It’s one of the world’s first digital currency companies that carries a lot to offer in terms of cheap flights, hotels, and car bookings – with no credit card required.

When you go on Cheapair, make sure to use all their filters for your best chance at finding what you want – they have good prices which can be paid by using virtual currencies like Bitcoin instead.


Expedia, the company we all know and love for its reliability as a travel website.

What if we told you Expedia has just started taking payments in Bitcoin on hotel bookings? That’s right–the reliable site where you can find almost anything from flights to cruises now also accepts payment with one of the newest forms of currency: BTC or bitcoin.If required, you can refer to the information on this website bitqs to get a better insight into it.

Of course, there are limitations; you cannot pay for your flight overseas or get tickets home because it only works on hotel reservations currently—but still – progress may be coming soon!

You won’t have to worry about any obstacles when booking your flights with BTCtrip. They offer a way for you to pay in Bitcoin and get the best deals on flight specials!

You’ll find offers on places to visit like Fashion Week, Yoga Festivals, and many others and can pay with Bitcoins for your visits!


Berkeley Travel

Berkeley Travel offers a variety of flexible payment methods, including Bitcoin. They are cognizant of the fact that people may be traveling from different countries and want to use their home currency as well as bitcoin, thereby offering price flexibility.

Berkeley also aims at providing an excellent customer experience by offering hotel transfers when your flight is delayed or if you arrive late and have no room ready on arrival day.

Berkeley Travel will do everything it can to accommodate customers with all types of needs!

Surf Air

Surf Air is the new “all-you-can-fly” private air travel club that lets travelers book as many flights a month for one monthly membership fee.

It’s not your average site; it operates differently than most airline sites! While on Surf Air you can pay with Bitcoin and sign up to be a member of this growing organization with no restrictions – all at an affordable price.

Surf Air offers “no strings attached” flying where members have access to constantly changing fares without any blackouts or hidden costs.

This makes this service perfect for frequent flyers looking to save money while getting around efficiently. is a portal to find hotels, flights, or car rentals for your travel needs that uses Bitcoin as its mode of payment.

It allows you to filter by location and other variables to help make the best decisions possible about finding lodging while on vacation. If you’re looking at booking an international flight within Europe with multiple stops, this website will be able to show which airlines have deals available along those routes!

So, now you have a place to find your next vacation with all of these great travel sites!You can book flights, hotels, and car rentals right now.

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