How Did Amiir Nelson Died? Who were his Parents and How old was he?

Amiir Nelson was born to famous Prince who was an American singer-songwriter, top musician and record producer, and Mayte Garcia the wife of the alleged prince. Who is an American actress, singer and dancer.

It is believed that Mayte married Prince four years ago and worked with many top artists.

Now back to Amiir Nelson, who was diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome type 2, which causes the brain to be blocked which made him suffered a severe deformity. He died after 7 days due to respiratory problems.

Amiir Nelson’s Wiki/Bio

Amiir Nelson was born on the 16th of October, 1996, the little boy only lived for 7 days and died on the 23rd of October.

It was one of the saddest moments his parents, they never believed thier eyes. They both needed a boy who would inherit the throne and they got the shocking news of thier life.

Amiir Nelson’s Death Explained

Amiir was diagnosed with Pfeiffer’s syndrome type 2 when he was born. Understand that this an inherited disease that affects only one out of every 100 000 people in the world. The news came just minutes after their c-section.

Pfeiffer 2 tend to cause abnormal skull fusion and sunken facial central region. The patient’s brain cannot develop properly unless he undergoes a risky and costly surgery to remove the tangled bones.

This disease led to the death of Amiir Nelson, it’s a sad incident.

Who were Amiir Nelson Parents?

Amiir Nelson Parents were Price Nelson and Mayte Garcia. They were extensively rich, they owned diverse properties worth millions of dollars.

Facts and Late Amiir Nelson and his Parents

1. Prince and Mayte Garcia had other kids, mostly girls.

2. Amiir Nelson only lived 7 days before he died.

3. There was never a picture of Amiir Nelson before he died.

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