Meet Manwell Reyes, Anjelah Johnson’s Husband | Bio, Age, Net worth and Group 1 crew.

Who is Manwell Reyes, Anjelah Johnson’s Husband?

Manwell Reyes is a Germany born singer, rapper, and songwriter, recognized for being the head singer of the hip-hop group called the Group 1 Crew. He is also recognized for being the partner of top comedian and actress Anjelah Johnson, who discovered success in stand-up comedy. Manwell was born spent a bit of time in Germany with his parents as his dad worked in the country as a US military officer. Nevertheless, he and his mom would revert to the US as his parents divorced, and he didn’t see much of his dad after the divorce.

Two fascinating events that made Manwell Reyes Famous

  1. Being the co founder of a top hip-hop group called Group 1 crew
  2. Being the husband of top comedian and actress Anjelah Johnson

Manwell Reyes and Anjelah Johnson Gallery

Manwell Reyes

Manwell Reyes

Anjelah Johnson husband

Anjelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes

Manwell Reyes photo

Manwell Reyes Quick Bio

Name Manwell Reyes
Birth Place Germany
Date Of Birth 1975 (Not confirmed)
Age 35 (Not confirmed)
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight 65Kg
Net worth $500, 000
Wife Anjelah Johnson

Facts about Manwell Reyes

  1. He was born in Geramny, his parents got divorced, for this reason he never had the chance to meet his dad. Only on few occasions that he met him.
  2. His exact birth date is not known. Though one of sources disclosed that he was born in 1975, and he’s probably 35 years old as of 2020. This information is not confirmed.
  3. Manwell Reyes is married to a comedian and an actress Anjelah Johnson, till today, they have been living a lovely life.
  4. One of his song in Group 1 crew entitled “Love is a Beautiful Thing” reached the 20th spot on the R&R magazine Christian chart.
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