Best US cities for freelancers in 2022

Over the last several years, an increasing number of people have resorted to freelancing as a means of supplementing their income. According to research, there will be 59 million freelancers in the United States in 2020, up from 53 million in 2014.

People who freelance have more freedom. It gives people the option to choose their own schedule, hours, location, and clientele. As the epidemic struck, many people saw this as an ideal chance to start their own websites and ecommerce enterprises.

We wanted to find out where in the United States is the finest area to freelance. We can offer the top places for being your own boss based on tax rates, office space expenses, transport linkages, and other factors.

Texas, Dallas

Dallas is a massive metropolis in the center of Texas, with a population of about 1.3 million people. It’s the ninth most populated city in the United States, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s so well linked. There are 50 WeWork and Regus coworking spaces in total, as well as independent ones discovered on Google, providing freelancers with several chances to schedule a desk and start to work.

Each place is on average 187 meters from the nearest public transportation and costs only $267 per month to use. If you want greater privacy, a Dallas private Regus office would cost roughly $271 per month per person, with a monthly fee of only $92.

Florida’s Jacksonville

Jacksonville is not just one of the sunny cities where you might freelance, but it is also good for your money account. It boasts one of the lowest personal income tax rates in the country – 0% – which means you get to keep all you make, while coworking spaces cost an average of $244 per month, with 10 options available on Google Maps, WeWork, and Regus.

That’s not as many as you’d find elsewhere, and the walk from the nearest station, at 1,872m, may take a bit longer than you’d want. However, taxation is a crucial issue when becoming freelance, and paying no personal income tax on your profits should be enough to make Jacksonville a serious option. You’ll also save money on a private office, which costs just $69.43 per month.

Texas, Houston

Houston is another Texas city making waves. There are several reasons why it is quickly becoming a hub of corporate activity. There are 62 coworking spaces to pick from on WeWork, Regus, and Google Maps, with an average distance of 508m to the nearest public transportation.

Shared workplaces cost roughly $254 per month, which is somewhat less than its state counterpart, as do offices, which cost $267 per month. Another option to save money in the city is through your internet connection, which costs an average of $68.33 per month.

There are other firms that offer bogus employment verification services, such as fabricated information about job tasks, work performance, or previous work experience. People can even be compensated for lying about their employment history or providing phony references. Fake pay stubs and work information might be convincing.

Tennessee’s Memphis

Rock ‘n’ roll’s birthplace might soon be the birthplace of your own business. According to WeWork, Regus, and Google Maps, Memphis offers 24 coworking spaces to pick from, and they will cost you roughly $310 per month to use, but with internet fees of $78.17, you’ll be able to stay connected wherever you are. The city also does not impose income tax, which is something to think about if you decide to work for yourself.

Indiana, Indianapolis

Indianapolis rounds out our top five. According to Google Maps, WeWork, and Regus, the city offers 46 coworking spaces to select from, providing you with lots of options for setting up shop. They are all a reasonable walk from public transportation, but – 1,058m will get you in your steps before you start your day. We can for sure say that gadgets make life easier. To work in one, you’d only need an average of $229.83, making Indianapolis the cheapest of our top cities.


Although country music may be your first idea, Nashville has much more to offer.

Nashville’s robust freelancing community accounts for about half of the metropolitan area’s skilled labor.

New co-working spaces focusing on building a close-knit community may be discovered to help self-employed people get out of the house.

Diverse districts provide a varied cultural experience and a variety of attractions, making this city appealing to both tourists and inhabitants. Nashville appears to be in a good mood recently, according to National Geographic Traveler.


Miami may become the most popular city for freelancers in 2022.

It all started on Twitter in early 2021, with venture investor Delian Asparouhov tweeting about “relocating” Silicon Valley to Miami. Francis Suarez, the city’s mayor, answered by asking how he might help.

Over the last year, there has been a huge migration from The Valley, as businesses complain about rising tax rates and employees believe that constraints are actually cramping their style.

It’s easy to see why folks are heading east. Miami provides sunlight, a moderate property market, cheap taxes, and a business-friendly environment. The city is aiming to attract top-tier IT talent at all levels, from C-level to entry-level. And it’s effective.

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