BRITTNEY ATWOOD: An Interesting Story of a YouTuber

Brittney and pet

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Brittney Atwood
Brittney Atwood

Atwood was born in Ohio on 16 February 1991. Atwood was known by her maiden name Brittney Smith. Brittney, along with her sister, Veronica, was raised in Ohio. But her parents divorced while they were young. However, Brittney is close to both of her parents.

Additionally, she has an excellent connection to her Stepmother. During her time in high school, Brittney went through a difficult time and transitioned to a gothic mode of living. After graduating from high school, she worked at the dental clinic as an assistant. Brittney has a stepbrother. He passed away in the year 2019. Atwood was devastated and posted the news via the Instagram handle.

Her Work Nature

Brittney lived a life of no fame before meeting the man she would marry, Roman Atwood. Once the couple began to date, Brittney commenced her journey into the world of YouTube. In the beginning, she made appearances on his vlogs, which immediately became popular, and people were awed by her.

Then, she began creating her vlogs, titled Brittney vlogs. Additionally, Brittney also manages their merchandise and smiles more.

Brittney in view

Brittney Atwood’s Marital Status

Unfortunately, Brittney is no single. The first time she met her husband, Roman Atwood, at a hospital where her sister was giving birth to a baby. They soon began to get along and started to date. Roman got divorced around the time and was also a father to Noah. Nevertheless, the couple were in love and began to move forward in their lives.

Without wedlock, Brittney and her husband built their relationship upon being blessed with their child Kane Atwood. Brittney is also the mother of Noah, her stepson from Roman’s former wife. She loves both boys equally.

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In 2017 they welcomed their new girl, Cora Atwood, to the family. After about a year, the couple exchanged vows and tied the knot at Maui, a Hawaiian island. She’s admired being married to one of YouTube’s most popular stars. But she’s so gorgeous that it isn’t surprising that there are millions of viewers admiring her attractive appearance. Brittney has faced some snark from Roman’s female fans, who have called her a “gold digger.”

Brittney and husband

But people aren’t aware that Brittney was in love with Roman since the moment Roman was not even in the spotlight on YouTube. She hasn’t responded to these hateful comments and tends not to respond to the comments. Since she’s been married to her husband, Brittney doesn’t have the desire to justify these negative comments.

What makes her different because she is compassionate and humble? Brittney has committed her life to her family and her children. Most importantly, she has been a caring and loving mom to the stepson of her Noah, born from the first marriage of Roman.

The Net Worth Brittney Atwood

Atwood has been a guest on her husband’s blogs for a considerable time. The channel has surpassed 15 million viewers. Therefore, they earn an enormous amount of money via YouTube earnings. Thus, Brittney Atwood’s net worth Brittney Atwood and her husband will be 12 million by 2022.


This captivating YouTuber is average in stature and stands tall at 5’4 inches. She weighs in at 54 pounds. Atwood is a perfect facial shape, with a young facial structure, expressive eyes, and a captivating smile. In addition, she shows off a stunning physique, and she is meticulously taking care of her body.

Brittney and pet

How Old is Brittney Atwood?

Brittney will be 31 years old in 2022.

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