See why Chip Hailstone went to Jail, Age, Life below zero, Net worth and Wife

Chip Hailstone
Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone: Life Below Zero

Chip Hailstone works with National Geographic reality television show Life Below Zero alongside Glenn Villeneuve which brought them to the limelight.

This reality TV show talks about the life of this Hailstone household and those people in the frontier. The show ran for up to 11 seasons; the Chip Hailstone is the main character and patriarch of this Hailstone family from the show and also features their battles, victories, and exceptional lifestyle living under extreme cold weather conditions from Alaska.

Hailstone had a lot of fans due to they were astonished at the way his family have survived and loved the life in the wild, especially in a period when people prefer to live in a well-secured environment.

Due to such, when information of Chip Hailstone’s looming incarceration in 2011 came out, many fans were angered and did their best to petition for Chip not to be sent to jail.

His childhood background and schooling remain a mystery because there aren’t any reports regarding Hernandez’s formal education. What’s astonishing, however, is that his father taught him the many abilities that he uses living in the distant town of Noorvik in Alaska.

Chip set his foot in the wild in age 19. From then on, he came to adore the weather conditions and natural life which Alaska offered. He got married to an Alaskan native as he settled in the area.

NameChip Hailstone
Birth PlaceUSA Alaska
Date Of Birth1961
Age51 years (as in 2020)
Height5 feet and 9 inches
Weight170 pounds
Net worth$250, 000
SpouseAgnes Hailstone

Why did Chip Hailstone go to jail?

Chip went to prison because he was found guilty of giving false information to higher authorities. It started in 2011 when Chip had a scuffle with two state troopers that Chip accused of using one of the daughters. However, in a court inquisition, it was discovered that Chip lied and that he was subsequently charged with perjury.

Chip Hailstone Age

He was born 1961, so he is 51 years old of 2020.

How long did he spend in jail?

Although Chip tried his very best to contest and then overturn the court ruling, his appeal was not granted. Thus, in 2018, he served his prison sentence that could be effectual for 15 weeks.

Who’s Chip Hailstone’s wife?

As Chip adored the Alaskan life, he’d settle there and found love in his territory. Her name is Agnes Hailstone. He had three children from his wife, Agnes. 

Height and Weight

Chip stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He weighs around 170 pounds.

Net worth

From his earnings in the reality television show Life Below Zero, Chip includes a net worth of less or more $250,000.

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