Chrissy Tiegen’s Parents | The Teigens, Wiki/Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth and Salary

Chrissy Tiegen’s Family | The Teigens 

Chrissy Teigen is an American model, author, and tv personality. She is the spouse of well-known American singer John Legend. The couple are married since 2013. However, the parents of Chrissy, Vilailuck and Ron, have gotten a divorce after being married for several years, though they weren’t living together even before they filed for divorce. Vilailuck resides along with her female offspring Chrissy and husband John Legend. Ron works as a skilled worker and has 2 kids. it’s unknown why he set to file a divorce. 

What country are Vilailuck Teigen and Ron Teigen Sr. From?

Vilaluck is Thai however recently became U.S citizen while her husband, Ron, is of Norwegian and German descent. 

What is Chrissy Teigen’s parents’ age?

The mother of Chrissy, Vilailuck was born on Sept 12, 1961. She is currently fifty nine years old. She stands at 164 cm and weighs fifty four kg. 

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What are Vilailuck Teigen and Ron Teigen Net worth?

The calculable net worth of Vilailuck Teigen is at $200K. 

Are Vilailuck Teigen and Ron Teigen still together? 

The news of Ron Teigen Sr. filing for a divorce when being married to Vilailuck Teigen for several years last year. His female offspring reacted by expression in an interview: “A marriage that was long wuth friendly relationship is coming to an end. Life goes on.” 

What do Chrissy Teigen’s folks do for a living?

Ron Teigen works as a skilled worker and Vilailuck is presently staying with Chrissy and John with their 2 children. 

Where are Chrissy Teigen parents from? 

Chrissy’s mother is from Thai however eventually became a U.S citizen in Oct 2018. Her father, Ron, is of Norwegian descent.  

Tweets by Chrissy Teigen 

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