Christmas prayers 2019. Fully updated

Calvary greetings in Jesus name. It’s another Christmas and we bless God for witnessing another Christmas this 2019. This post contains Christmas prayers 2019, do well to pray them during Christmas and share to your friends.


  1. Oh lord I want to appreciate you for making I and my family to see this 2019 Christmas and I pray we shall see many more festive seasons in the future. Amen
  2. I pray your wisdom (See how to get God’s wisdom) will forever be my priority this Christmas. AmenSee also: New year 2020 prayers updated
  3. Lord, in this festive season I pray for financial prosperity that I may lack nothing. Amen
  4. Lord I pray that you help me to continually work in love in this Christmas.
  5. Oh lord in this Christmas, help me to walk by faith in your word. Amen
  6. I pray for more and more grace this festive season. Amen.
  7. Help me to constantly experience the fellowship of the holy spirit in this Christmas 2019
  8. Lord give me compassion for the lost and the unsaved world amen.
  9. I pray for better understanding of God’s will and divine purpose for your life. Amen
  10. Strengthen my heart lord and help me to remain faithful when challenges arise this Christmas 2019
  11. Lord, in this festive season, I pray for your divine protection and security in my household. Amen.
  12. Lord in this Christmas, my oil shall never run dry. Amen.
  13. Bless the works our hand lord in this Christmas that we may help those who don’t have. Amen
  14. Oh lord in this Christmas 2019; I pray that your love and joy will never depart in my life and household. Amen
  15. In this festive season oh lord, guide my path; give me direction on the right way lord. Amen
  16. During this Christmas, lord help me to walk in righteousness, health, victory and success, because that’s my heritage in Christ in Jesus name. Amen.
  17. In this festive season lord, make me a channel of love and blessings to those around me. Amen
  18. I affirm that my life is the manifestation of your wisdom and grace, and your righteousness is revealed and evident in me. Amen
  19. In this Christmas 2019, I am a partaker in bringing the unsaved into his glorious life of righteousness.
  20. Dear father, I thank you, for in this Christmas you have granted me all thing that pertain to life and godliness; I don’t lack anything good, because the world belongs to me. Amen
  21. Dear heavenly father, I thank you for the great life of righteousness, health, wealth, prosperity and success that I have in Christ.
  22. Lord I pray for this blog, it shall continue to increase. Amen

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Those are the few Christmas prayers 2019 you should pray. Do me favor by sharing this post to your loved ones, you never can tell. Merry Christmas.

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