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Eric Allan Kramer
Eric Allan Kramer

His birth date was March 26th, 1962. He was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the U.S.A. He hasn’t disclosed any information about his siblings or mother. The father of his son, Roger Kramer, is a former C.F.L. player. In addition, it is not known about his early years.

In terms of his education, he has been to the University of Alberta in Edmonton after completing high school. At the university, he was enrolled in the B.F.A. program, which made him enter the world of film. Alongside acting in theatres and on-screen, as well as learning the fighting choreography.

Eric Allan Kramer Job

Kramer began his acting career in 1987. He began his acting career in the western T.V. show The Gunfighters as Luke Collins. This development was followed by his role as Thor, the fictional superhero as part of The Incredible Hulk Returns, the NBC TV movie ‘The Incredible Hulk Returns.’ Kramer has been featured in various dramas, series, and films. But, he gained fame for his role as ‘Bob” Bob Duncan” on the series ‘Good Luck’ by the Disney Channel.

He has been appearing in dramas and series since 1987. The shows include 1989’s “Growing Pains and 1990’s Doctor , 1991’s ‘Empty nest,’ 1992’s “Seinfield,” 1994 ‘M.A.N.T.I.S. 1995 ‘Dweebs’ “Nash Bridges, “Malcolm & Eddie’, 1998 “Murphy Brown,” 2003’s “Two and a Half man’ 2005 “Will & Grace and 2006 “How I Met Your Mother’, as well as many more.

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It was in 1998 when he joined the main cast member of the American sitcom “The Hughleys in the role of “Dave Rogers,” in which the actress Elise Neal appeared as Yvonne Williams Hughley. The year 2018 was the first time he appeared in the role of Scott Miller for his role in the Wyatt Russell starter comedy-drama ‘Lodge 49’. He also appeared in films like ‘Quest for the Mighty Sword “True Romance, American Wedding,’ ‘L.A. Apocalypse’ and ‘Pitching Tents.’

Additionally, the ‘Ovatti Awards awarded Eric for his role in the comedy show “The Wood Demon.’ 

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Eric Allan Kramer Love Life

In terms of his personal life, the actor is a bit discrete regarding disclosing personal or romantic life information. There was a time when rumors circulated about his marriage to James Bonci in 2013, and he also had one child named Manny. But Allan later, via his social media accounts, removed the details. The fact that he was married and now divorced and that he did not have a child named Manny.

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Therefore, he decided not to have the name Manny, but he was never certain about having children. In the absence of any information, the information is not available about his relationship status. He is also rumored to be gay, but he does not make clear what he thinks about this.

Besides, he’s aware of his physical and mental health after gaining weight earlier. He currently goes for a workout and works his body rigorously.

Eric Allan Kramer Asset Value

In terms of how much he earns, he’s earned a significant amount of money by appearing on T.V. and in movies. In addition, he earned certain amounts of money through his previous work as a combat choreographer. Thus his net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

Eric Allan Kramer Physical Attributes

The actor with an apron-like belly is now maintaining his body as an athlete. Additionally, he is an impressive standing height of 6’3 inches, or 1.90 meters, and has a nebulous weight. The man has not provided any other details about the body’s measurements. He has blue eyes, gray hair, or sometimes bald.

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Know Eric Allan Kramer’s Age

Eric Allan Kramer is currently 60 years old.

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