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Erika Costell
Erika Costell

Who is Erika Costell?

Erika Costell is an American model represented by several agencies, including DAN Talent Group Inc, Wilhelmina global, and Idea match versions. Costell is a popular place on social networking, where she’s millions of followers to her credit.

For example, just on YouTube alone, she’d over three million subscribers as of 2017. Now she has an estimate of roughly 4.6 million subscribers, which is a massive growth over the short period of just two years. In 2018, She cut on her relationship with Jake Paul and abandoned Team 10 to chase her dream independently. She only recently signed up a deal with The Orchard.

Erika Costell’s Quick Bio

Career                  American YouTuber

Birthday               November 12, 1992

Age                       29 years old as of 2021

Weight                  55 kg (121 lb)

Net worth             $200k

Dating status        not married

How old is Erika Costell?

She was Born on November 12, 1992, in Bedford, Michigan, which makes her 29 years old. Much isn’t known for her family background or siblings, and there are unique rumours regarding the number of siblings she has.

But, Erika Costell is exceptionally close with her family, and that she talks of these on her YouTube station. She got a degree in business administration from Middle Tennessee State University, referred to as MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

She had been a cheerleader through middle and high school and had always wanted to become a model. While growing up, she would pretend to be the model she’d seen at the publications she went through during her spare time.

Her dream took its first necessary leap after she had been three years old beneath the management and encouragement of her very first boss, Larry Murdock. She now resides in Calabasas, California, U.S.

Erika Costell’s Career

Erika Costell
Erika Costell

Erika was a cheerleader throughout middle and higher school, and since, She has nurtured the fantasy of becoming a model. At 16, if she was just out of high school, Erika kick-started her drive-by, shooting on a portfolio and eventually sending it out to various top modelling agencies.

After then, she constantly booked gigs but couldn’t place all her time into her profession as she was still in school in Tennessee. Several agencies have been represented, including DAN Talent Group Inc, Wilhelmina international, and Idea fit models. She does swimwear, lingerie, and physical fitness centres

In 2016, she moved into Los Angeles, and ever since, she has placed in all effort into creating a network using her teamwork abilities. This has caused many collaborations with other social media celebrities like Jake Paul and Nick Compton of Team 10 and the whole Team 10 team.

Costell includes a YouTube channel with over 4.6 million readers and a whopping quote of 570 million complete perspectives as of August of 2019. On her track, she conducts a vlog, posts music movies, and occasionally posts reaction videos, and these are chances for her to be onscreen again.

Erika Costell Youtube Channel 

Erika Costell bikini photos

Her YouTube channel “p6uk” kicked off in March 2014 and is still very active to date. Her movie”Team 10 Reacts to Jerika Music Video” has been viewed over 8.2 million times and is considered her hottest video (watching how popular that the supergroup is, that’s not too surprising).

Some of her other best videos comprise I Cheated in my Husband Prank (Gone Wrong), I’m Pregnant Prank on Jake Paul, My New Man, and It’s Over.

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Considering the number of subscribers, she’s glued to her YouTube station. It’s only logical that she is earning money from her YouTube content, most likely through goggle’s partnership application, where a user receives advertisement revenue by displaying advertisements in their station. It follows that the significant number of views, the higher the earnings.

Erika Costell was also the chief operations officer of what was formerly called Jake Paul’s Team 10 sequel to the former Coo Nick Crompton exit. But once she broke up with Jake Paul in 2018, she left group 10 to pursue a greener route inside her career, characterized by her liberty.

She’s recently signed with The Orchard. Costell also offers her own company,’ model hostess,’ that she’s been trying to stay afloat to meet With its surrounding competitions.

Erika Costell Lifestyle

Born and raised in Bedford, Costell’s family history isn’t known to the public as she prefers to keep it this very understandable way. She claims to owe all that she has become from the modelling business to her first manager Larry Murdock who helped her pull off her first contract using DAN Talent Group Inc…

She believes she is forever indebted to him, although he doesn’t handle her. Erika has a pretty face and a body that she works hard to maintain that way. Small wonder her followers around social networking drool over her bikini and lingerie shots.

Her energetic character, coupled with her honesty, radiates through her social networking reports and has won her fans’ hearts.

Who is Erika Costell dating?

Erika Costell’s relationship and love life is one area with many controversies. But what is known for sure is that they got into a relationship with Jake Paul sometime in 2017, and they finally parted ways in November of 2018.

She is often seen with fellow version Alissa violet, who is regarded as her best friend. Lately, Alissa had dated Jake Paul in the past. People generally ask if she’s a kid, well, not one that everyone knows of.

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