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Lena the Plug, is a 27-year-old YouTube celebrity. Her YouTube channel, full of videos about her fitness workouts and her everyday life, has nearly 160 million subscribers. She is active on Twitter, Facebook, also Snapchat. Her Instagram profile, was shut down frequently due to very provocative content the popular YouTuber posts on the stage each day.

Lena the Plug Personal Life

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Lena described her youth as conservative. She came from an Armenian Christian family. Given that Lena talked about her parents not addressing topics like dating and sexuality, we guess that they were not really happy with pictures of her skimpy dresses.

Lena often mentioned how unhappy she had been with her body at a high school span of her life. She’d been on countless diets and workouts. She does not eat sugar or carbohydrates and provided that she is allergic to gluten-free, dairy, and soy, so ” she strays away from those kinds of groceries as well. Lena states that if one is into a drawback in training, it is ideal to move on and not stop trying.

She graduated in 2013 with a psychology diploma. She spent a while in Sweden, where she worked with autistic children.

She had her fair share of bizarre jobs. She had been a nanny, an Uber motorist, and just a grocery store clerk at the same point. She worked at Arsenic, a social networking start-up company, but quit shortly after. Following the lineup of many distinct employments, she discovered the inspiration to begin her own Youtube station – which was started in August 2016.

She’s dating Adam Grandmaison, the host of “No Jumper” podcast roughly hip-hop and pop, where he’s called Adam22.

Lena the Plug Career

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The moment her station exploded with views was when she and her boyfriend announced that they would place their gender tape on the Internet should they reach 1 million subscribers on their YouTube stations. Until this statement, Lena’s station had attained only 37,000. The target was achieved shortly after the announcement video named ˘$SEXTAPE AT1 MILL, which now, two years after, has around 14,550,000 views.

Many criticized her for some of her choices to what she replied together:’I was someone who followed all the rules and did what I was “supposed” to perform. I was not happy.’
Lena The Plug Net Worth 2020

This terrible girl hasn’t really said her earnings. Still, sources estimate Lena that the Plug’s net value for 2020 is about $2 million — with all of her social network profiles and merchandise selling website included.

Untold truth about Lena the Plug

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  • Her conservative Christian parents did not encourage her livelihood choice
  • She stirred controversy when she allowed her girlfriend have intercourse with her boyfriend
  • Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been deleted on multiple occasions she claims she doesn’t want to act like a porn star.

Lena the Plug Social accounts

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