Full House” Cast: Where Are They Now

Running from 1987 for eight seasons, Full House has been in various stages of syndication over the years.

Since finding a new home with Hulu, it quickly became their most-watched series.

After the added success of the sequel, “Fuller House”, let’s take a look at where the Full House cast is now.

The Full House Cast 33 Years Later

Full House centered around the Tanner family. After the death of his wife, Danny Tanner needed help raising his three daughters, D.J., Stephanie, and baby Michelle.

His brother-in-law Jessie, and best friend, Joey both move into their San Fransisco home for support.

The show ran for eight years before the finale, which was watched by more than 24 million viewers.

In recent years, nostalgia brought the Tanner house back to life. “Fuller House” offered a fresh but familiar look at family life, focusing on the younger generation.

Danny Tanner – Bob Saget

Since leaving the meticulous patriarch of the Tanner’s behind, Saget went on to host “America’s Funniest Videos” until 1997.

Along with his 2014 memoir, “Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian”, he also leaned his voice as narrator to the hit TV show, “How I Met Your Mother,” which ran for nine years.

Most recently, he appeared in the Netflix sequel, “Fuller House.”

D.J. Tanner – Candace Cameron Bure

After the show wrapped, Bure went on to star in a steady stream of TV movies. Recently, she has starred in a number of Hallmark Christmas movies.

After two successful years as a host on “The View,” Bure brought D.J. Tanner back to life for the sequel which ran from 2016-2020.

Bure has also published a number of books, from children’s stories to books on her faith.

Stephanie Tanner – Jodie Sweetin

Unfortunately, after leaving outspoken Stephanie behind, Sweetin spent a number of years misusing drugs and alcohol.

She details her recovery in her 2009 book “unSweetined.”

Following two runs on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” Sweetin returned to the Tanner house in a more central role.

Michelle Tanner – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen Twins shared their role, growing up in front of the camera as Michelle tanner.

They followed up their popular role with a series of TV movies, series, and VHS shorts.

However more recently the pair have focused on their fashion brand, “Elizabeth and James and The Row.”

Neither twin has worked as an actor for more than seven years and the pair were not involved in the “Fuller House” project.

Jesse Katsopolis – John Stamos

Elvis obsessed Uncle Jesse was always a fan favorite. Originally a womanizer, he went on to marry and have twins. The family stayed in the ever-growing Tanner house.

Stamos went on to a starring role in a number of TV movies before landing a role on the hit medical drama “ER.”

More recently, he appeared in the Netflix hit, “You” as well as reprising his role as Uncle Jessie for “Fuller House.”

Joey Gladstone – Dave Coulier

Originally, Full House was called “House of Comics” and was slated as the story of three comics moving in together. But the showrunners were looking for something more family-oriented and changed things up.

Real-life comedian and impressionist, Coulier has worked as a guest star on a number of projects, along with voicing a number of characters, such as Jason on “American Dad!”

The now 61-year-old also returned to “Fuller House” and even directed a number of episodes.

The Full House Cast: Then and Now

Most of the Full House cast received plenty of steady work once the showed ended. However, most of them will always be known for their time in the Tanner house.

With plenty of streaming options, you can re-watch the old classic before catching up with the Tanner’s once more in “Fuller House.”


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