How Do People Get Bitcoin?

Are you wondering how people get Bitcoin? If so, here are some of the best ways to get this virtual cryptocurrency.  

There has been a brewing conversation about Bitcoin for years now. However, its explosion was between 2017 and 2021 when its price increased dramatically. While this virtual currency’s value has fluctuated wildly over the years, 2021 was its peak when its price hit an all-time high of over $65,000.

Many people have known Bitcoin as a highly volatile crypto asset. Therefore, they thought it was a reserve for wealthy investors. Initially, some people believed investing in this digital currency requires extensive knowledge of the crypto world, technology, and the global market. However, this perception has changed, with more institutions, individuals, and institutions recognizing it.

Currently, many retail investors want to own this digital currency due to its increasing popularity, usage, and adoption. As of 2021, around 14% of Americans had crypto investments. That means people now recognize Bitcoin as an investment. But how do you get this digital currency?

Buy Bitcoin on a Crypto Exchange

Most people and institutions purchase this virtual currency on crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges, like British Bitcoin Profit, allow people to register and buy Bitcoins using fiat money. Ideally, a crypto exchange is a platform where a Bitcoin seller trades Bitcoin for fiat money.

Most crypto exchanges take credit card payments and bank transfers. Some accept PayPal and other digital wallets. However, these platforms charge transaction fees when users trade Bitcoin. Therefore, investigate the crypto exchange you want to use to know the amount you will pay to purchase or sell Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Payments

You can also get Bitcoin as a payment for completing a task or selling an item. For instance, you can write for a cryptocurrency blog, forum, or news outlet and receive a Bitcoin payment. In that case, you earn for contributing insights into the crypto world if you’re knowledgeable about this industry.

Also, you can sell products online and receive payment in Bitcoin. Several platforms allow website owners to set up cryptocurrency payment gateways. Thus, you can tell buyers that you accept Bitcoin payments on your website when selling products. Most people selling digital products can accept Bitcoin payments.

Investment Brokers

Investment brokerage companies are platforms that allow an investor to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies and stocks. For instance, a company can allow a retail investor to invest or trade commission-free, making it highly popular. You only open an account and then spend some money purchasing Bitcoin to start using such brokers.

Bitcoin ATMs and Merchants

If you prefer purchasing Bitcoin directly, you can go for a Bitcoin ATM, merchant, or a peer-to-peer platform. A Bitcoin ATM functions like a cash-based ATM. Also, you can find a retail store that buys and sells Bitcoin. If you wish to purchase Bitcoins from another individual, you can use a peer-to-peer platform connecting buyers and sellers.

Get Free Bitcoins

Maybe this sounds strange, but it’s possible. You can get free Bitcoins by performing simple tasks. For instance, you can earn free Bitcoins by playing online or mobile games. Some computer or phone games reward players with Bitcoin.

Also, some platforms pay users with Bitcoin for watching their advertisements. Some websites pay users for testing their platforms, taking surveys, or retweeting their posts. On some websites, visitors answer some questions, and the one with the best answer receives Bitcoins as the reward.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get Bitcoin. However, understand how this digital currency works before earning your coins. For instance, get a crypto wallet to receive and store your coins. Also, learn ways to safeguard your Bitcoins, especially when you want to trade them. Some platforms require users to verify their identities before buying Bitcoin. Therefore, research the crypto world before starting to get your Bitcoins.

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