How Long Do CBD Gummies Take to Start Working

CBD gummies have become a popular way to imbibe CBD in recent years. Not only are they super convenient to use, but they are among the tastiest ways to consume CBD.

However, like anyone trying a new supplement product, knowing when you’ll experience the effects or benefits of CBD is important. 

So, after taking some CBD gummies, just how long does it take to start working?

What Are CBD Gummies?

To really understand how long gummies take to start working, we first need to understand just what CBD gummies are.

CBD gummies, classified adequately as a CBD edible, are a straightforward way to imbibe CBD orally. Instead of the sometimes frustrating nature of other CBD products like oils, edibles are super easy to enjoy.

They are made from CBD oils, which are extracted from hemp plants rich in cannabidiol. These hemp plants are subjected to an extraction process, which removes the CBD from the plant matter and then suspends it in oil.

This oil is then used to make CBD edibles, where it is mixed with gelatin or other thickeners and sugar and flavorings. Some manufacturers like to make their CBD gummies vegan, so even those with a stricter diet can enjoy the benefits. 

To do this, they use animal-friendly alternatives to gelatin, a substance made from animal bones. Alternatives include things like propylene glycol and pectin, anything that can help to transform the structure of the gummy to be something chewable and tasty.

The flavorings are also important; some brands use classic flavors, like strawberry or lemon, whereas others get crazier with flavors like Birthday Cake. Sometimes gummies are flavored with complex flavor profiles, or they include terpenes from joint cannabis strains for their unique flavor.

The sheer diversity of different CBD gummies is one of the big reasons they are so popular, but how quickly do they start working?

How Quickly Do CBD Gummies Take Effect?

The speed that CBD gummies take effect is pretty hard to quantify because so much depends on the individual.

One of the principal factors that affect the rate at which CBD gummies start working is a person’s weight and the dose taken.

More significantly, heavier people need more CBD to feel the same effect as those that weigh less. Furthermore, different doses are felt at different rates; generally speaking, larger quantities are felt sooner than smaller doses.

There are many approximate calculations and timed delays surrounding the speed that CBD gummies take effect, but surprisingly little research.

One study by Christian Larsen and Jordida Shahinas for the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research found that larger doses could affect different medical conditions. However, the different levels of dosage were all noticed at wildly different times.

This doesn’t help to deduce a realistic timeframe before CBD starts being noticed, and that problem is primarily tied to the fact that everyone is different.

We all have endocannabinoid systems, the biological system that CBD interacts with, and all of ours are different from each other. Some people will feel the effects of CBD sooner than others, whereas some people aren’t even physically capable of experiencing the benefits of CBD.

Overall, people should expect to notice the effects of CBD working within a few weeks of taking it regularly.

But what does it mean for any type of CBD to work, anyway?

What Does It Mean for CBD Gummies to Start Working Anyway?

The most important thing to realize about taking CBD gummies, or any health supplement whatsoever, is that you might not even notice it working.

This is because many supplements, CBD included, don’t induce a specific, tangible effect, like suddenly healing a wound or changing a part of your body.

Instead, the effects are gradual and hard to notice, often resulting in changes that only appear step by step.

As long as a sufficient dose is taken, it is likely that the CBD provides some benefit over time. Some people try and track their mood and any associated problems over a few weeks. Typically, this should be enough time to determine if CBD is appropriate for you.

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