How to Mine Bitcoin on an Android Phone Using CryptoTab in 2021

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In recent years, the world of cryptocurrency has expanded its reach into ever more domains. As more and more people begin to invest in, trade, and mine bitcoin, crypto service providers innovate newer ways for the average internet user to partake in the crypto sphere.

One of the most recent innovations was the introduction of CryptoTab for Android smartphones, an application that allows users to mine bitcoin directly from their Android smartphones. While bitcoin mining using computer hardware is both costly and rather complicated, mining bitcoin from your Android phone is extremely simple. Start your career with the best site

This brief article will outline how you can use CryptoTab to mine bitcoin on an Android phone in 2021. For those who are relatively new to the crypto sphere, this article will teach them how to go about mining crypto on an Android phone, followed by a brief discussion on whether or not it is worth it.

Mining Bitcoin on an Android phone

The first step to mining bitcoin on your Android smartphone is to download the application called CryptoTab Pro. The application can be found on the Google Play Store and costs around 50 to 60 cents to download. Above all, make sure you get the pro version of CryptoTab to make your bitcoin mining experience faster and easier.

Purchase Boost

Once you have successfully installed CryptoTab, open up the application. You will then be provided the option of installed what is known as ‘Boost’, which makes the mining speed faster by increasing the hash rate of the mining process. The default hash rate on CryptoTab is around 1500 hashes per second. To increase the hash rate, you can buy Boost of different levels, from x2 to x12 and beyond.

Boost is not a free service, and the more you boost your hash rate, the more it will cost you. Increasing your hash rate by 12 times, for example, will cost you around $50, 100 times more than installing the CryptoTab browser itself.

Mine Bitcoin

Once you have purchased Boost and increased your hash rate by the amount of your choice, visit your crypto dashboard on the CryptoTab browser. Here, you will see your hash rate and the amount of bitcoin you have successfully mined. The larger the Boost that your purchase, the greater the hash speed and the more bitcoins you can mine in a shorter period.

Given the current exchange rate of bitcoin with about a 12 times boost, one could potentially mine one dollar worth of bitcoin in 48 hours. For lower hash rates, the amount of bitcoin you will be able to mine will substantially decrease as the mining process will be slower.

Withdraw Bitcoin

Once you have successfully mined a certain amount of bitcoin on CryptoTab, you can withdraw the crypto by having it sent directly to your crypto wallet. On the CryptoTab dashboard, select the button which reads ‘Withdraw BTC’ located underneath your crypto balance.

Once you select ‘Withdraw BTC,’ CryptoTab will redirect you to a page where you will be asked to enter your bitcoin wallet address. Copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address in the provided box and enter the payment amount, which is the amount of bitcoin you would like to receive.

Once you have done this, follow the necessary steps to verify that you are not a robot and select the button that reads ‘Withdraw’. CryptoTab will then send a confirmation email to your registered email address. Open up the email and click the confirmation link to confirm your withdrawal.

Once you click the confirmation link in the email, your withdrawal will be confirmed. Please note that Bitcoin will take at least one business day to be transferred to your bitcoin wallet.


As cryptocurrency technology pervades further into our lives, companies will continue to invent more efficient and accessible means to trade, invest, and mine bitcoin. By using CryptoTab on your Android phone, you too can make the crypto mining process much easier than it has ever been before.

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