Internet Marketing Trends to Know and Use in 2022

In 2021, we may have noticed a lot of changes in online marketing. In this regard, we have prepared for you the main trends for the new year. Spoiler alert: in this article you will find out why you should start running your business channel on TikTok and whether you need to buy followers on TikTok to promote it.

Priority to video content

Any specialist working with texts has a problem. People don’t read the way the company wants them to read. At best, readers can grab the main idea of ​​the text. Consequently, copywriters must comply with content formatting requirements: separation, indentation, bullet points, or emoji.

The love for moving pictures is written in our brain. Who among the cave people noticed the movement of the saber-toothed tiger is worthy of praise. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words.

Most users watch a product video to learn more about it. The decision to purchase a product is usually made only after watching the video. In addition, research shows that users spend much more time on websites with videos.

If you are planning to make videos about your products, then these can be short tutorials and answers to questions. Now the most popular trend is the TikTok format. In 2022, creators most likely won’t even have to buy TikTok followers to gain an audience, because people visit this social network every day and subscribe to hundreds and thousands of channels.

Smart social media algorithms

When a smart feed appeared on Instagram and users began to see posts of unknown authors, a wave of indignation arose. The robot dares to dictate what to watch!

Today it is safe to say that each of us lives in our own universe. We see what we once reacted to, and with each new action we reinforce the algorithm’s confidence in the correctness of the output.

Now it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have. ER (engagement metric) is of paramount importance, but not only.

Your own activity is about the same importance: in the social network in general and in relation to subscribers in particular.

Takeaway: use all the engagement options available to you. Catching videos, trigger texts, contests, battles, marathons and challenges. Motivate buyers to tag your brand, and reward and thank your readers for being active.

Tip: Even if you have a popular account, check your subscriber profiles regularly. In addition to demonstrating activity to the algorithm, you will get a lot of insights about your target audience.

Not presence, but work in social networks

Social media is constantly expanding opportunities. Without leaving your account, you can buy, study and communicate. A little more and we will go to visit each other, also without interrupting the session.

Even the most offline-oriented businesses have come to terms with the need to be present in social networks: customers are increasingly learning about the company through social networks.

At the same time, the audience of social networks is changing. The division of the audience into creators (20%), who create unique content, and into viewers (80%), who are content with likes and comments, is consolidated.

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