Have you ever wanted to get a trusted buyer for bitcoins? Then Jakocoins is the most trusted buyer for bitcoins, etherum, and USDT. Now see why you should trust jackocoins.

Easy to use

Jakocoins has a flexible website and app (Android and IOS), they are both mobile-friendly, and the user interface is excellent. Preferably, the app is highly recommended because you dont need to open your browser all the time to sell your coins.

High Rate for profitable trading

Getting a trusted buyer is one thing; another thing is getting a buyer who will sell at a reasonable rate. At jackocoins, you can sell your coins at the Rate of N450 -N480. You won’t get such a Rate anywhere.

Trusted Exchanger

Many scams online, that’s why jackocoins have built an excellent reputation; thousands of sellers trust them. If its trust, you can always trust jackocoins.

You can sell USDT and Etherum

Dont think jackocoins only sell bitcoins; they also sell USDT, and eth ann the excellent rates. We hope they add other cryptocurrencies later and with affordable rates.

Availability of app on playstore.

Like I said earlier that there could be found on the play store; you can download here. Their app has an excellent user interface, and it’s fast also.

Wallet Mode for storing bitcoin.

Just like we have every other bitcoin wallet, jackocoins also have a wallet that you can use to store your coins that can be used later or sold to jackocoins directly.

There is every reason to sell your coins to jackocoins, and I have just listed a few above. Do you want to sell your coins now? Get started here.

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