List of Celebrities that love playing Xbox 360 games

50 most popular women
50 most popular women

Here is the list of celebrities that love playing Xbox 360 games

Many celebrities love playing video games, and a long list of A-listers enjoy Xbox 360 games. From actors to athletes, many people from various backgrounds enjoy gaming on their Xbox consoles.

Whether they play for fun, relaxation, or to hone their video game skills, celebrities enjoy Xbox games just like normal folk. Many of them even play together with their friends. Here’s a list of well-known people who love Xbox 360 games!

Bill Gates

The creator of Microsoft must play games to keep up with the trends. With his vast wealth, he can afford to have the best Xbox games and most high-end consoles to match, he achieved this by downloading Xbox 360 Roms. Though he has retired, Bill Gates used to play Quake and Halo together with his kids.

Mark Zuckerberg

The creator of Facebook plays RPGs and strategy games on his console. He once spent an hour carefully designing buildings in Minecraft. Mad about strategy? Check these strategy games out!

Bradley Coop

The NASA astronaut loved playing space-themed games such as Mass Effect and Deadspace while aboard the International Space Station. He even recorded a video of him playing Mass Effect while in space!

Luis Carretero

The first European Space Agency astronaut to go to the International Space Station played Halo during his training period. He once challenged the developers of Halo to a game through email back in 2003!

Olga Fusion from Stargate

This French singer and model starred in the Stargate SG-1 Xbox game. She portrayed the alien Olga Fusion, an ally of the human race.

Linus Olsson

The electronic rock band AC/DC drummer plays Rock Band on his Xbox 360. He performed vocals for the “Big Gun” track in the game.

Kevin Smith

The director, actor, and screenwriter enjoys playing video games with his kids. He once mentioned in an interview that Kevin Smith plays Assassin’s Creed and GTA with his daughter. We’re sure he plays other Xbox games as well!

Ed Westwick

This English actor, best known for his role as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, plays racing games on his Xbox 360. He once discussed his love for Forza in an interview.

Prince of Dubai

The Prince of Dubai was gifted an Xbox before it was released to the public. This fancy ruler must enjoy the unique features of the Xbox and its games since the console was created for him before it went into mass production.

Mila Kunis

The Texan actress enjoys playing Wii sports with her boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher. Though she isn’t into video games, she likes the social aspect of Wii games. Want to play like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis? Check out our list of the best Wii games!

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