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Mulan Vuitton
Mulan Vuitton

Who is Mulan Vuitton? 

Mulan Vuitton photo

Mulan Vuitton, born on April 9th, 1998, in the USA, is an American socialite. Vuitton’s selfies and photos of her enjoying the most delicate items money can buy made her famous. Vuitton has also dated American Rapper Drake before her Instagram nude photos.

Love Life

Mulan was alleged to be in a relationship with Drake, but this wasn’t true. She was a sexting partner to Trippie Red, who left his girlfriend, English, in exchange for Mulan. Trippie and Mulan were considered a powerful couple by his fans, so when they split up, they accused Trippie of being downgraded.

Mulan and Trippie have not been in a relationship, and Mulan doesn’t post pictures with men. On Valentine’s Day, Mulan received a Gucci slipper and a giant Teddy Bear from an unknown individual. This antecedence could indicate that she has a boyfriend, but she isn’t willing to reveal his identity.

Business and Career

Mulan Vuitton hot

A link takes you to Yekim Clothing’s site on her Instagram bio. She doesn’t own the website, nor does she design clothes. However, her Instagram bio includes a link to Yekim Clothing. Martez Malone, the owner of the Martez Malone brand, is her friend, and she attended his birthday in March 2019. She also hosts nightclub events and earns money by appearing at them and promoting their parties.

Mulan Vuitton Age

Mulan Vuitton is 23 years old and celebrates her birth anniversary every year on April 9th. Her birth sign is Aries.

Mulan Vuitton Appearance

Vuitton is 5′ 0″ (1.52m) tall and weighs an average of 5.8 lbs. In her photos, Vuitton appears tall. Mulan’s body is very similar to Kim Kardashian’s. However, Mulan does not admit to any plastic surgery. Mulan is confident and will post photos without makeup, whether she’s at home or in the pool. Mulan’s caption is “Confidence, the sexiest thing a woman can wear.”

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She has long, black hair. However, she loves to experiment with different colors and sometimes wears hair wigs. Her amazing body and beautiful looks are why she gets so much attention. By wearing tight, provocative shirts and short skirts.

She goes to the gym three days a week to stay in shape. She wears waist trainers while working out. She loves to display the many tattoos on her body, including her neck, back, and hands. Mulan made a rose tattoo on her right hand and another of an angel and a devil. These tattoos are likely to represent the decisions she made in her life.

Mulan Vuitton Net Worth

Mulan Vuitton
Mulan Vuitton

Mulan Vuitton’s net worth is $1 million. These riches include Mulan Vuitton’s assets, income, and money. Mulan’s work as a social media influencer yielded her more income. Vuitton has been fortunate to have many sources of revenue. However, she prefers to live a modest life.

Mulan Vuitton Controversies

Despite her claims that she is antisocial and doesn’t like being labeled and following rules, she still posts photos similar to those published by other girls her age on Instagram. According to some reports, Mulan’s phone was hacked at one time, causing her photos to leak.

Her lifestyle was similar to when she was younger, so Mulan experienced a criticized glamorous lifestyle. Many of her photos showed her drinking alcohol, spending time at yachts, and wasting money. This modus operandi were inappropriate for a girl her age.

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