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Rachel Bonnetta

Who is Rachel Bonnetta?

She is widely popular for her 30-minute live broadcasting on her Twitter account from the FIFA World Cup held in Russia in 2018. Rachel is of mixed ethnicity, and she also holds Canadian nationality.

Rachel dreamed of becoming a journalist ever since she was a kid. The moment she completed college, Rachel then moved to Los Angeles and started looking for a job.

Rachel Bonnetta


She was first contracted as a Brand Ambassador for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment for several Decades. Then she began working as a host for YTV’s “The Zone” in 2013. She is presently working for Fox Sports Channel as the host of “Lock It In“, and now she is still living in Los Angeles.

Rachel is also conducting the “@TheBuzzer” channel on YouTube. She arranges movies of buzzy sports, a few viral tales, and funny stuff from across the Internet. The channel has almost 5,000 followers and seven thousand viewpoints on all of the movies uploaded. It has been active for about five years now.

Rachel Bonnetta: Personal lifestyle

Rachel does not say much about her parents, but she has narrated how her dad died on 14 December 2012, and that her mother came onto the scene on 18 December 2017.

Rachel was in a relationship with somebody since 3 January 2016. But, we do not understand who he is or what he’s for living.

We know it is a longstanding relationship since Rachel wrote it about one of her photographs with him on her IG account, and we understand that he is 30 years old.

In addition, we understand that they have a dog, but we do not understand who he does live with.

She never talks about her previous relationships. Rachel has never been married and does not have any kids.

Rachel’s visit to India

Rachel once went travelling around India. After seeing the conditions where people from a neighbourhood village lived, she decided to begin a GoFundMe. She accumulated enough cash to wash their drinking water, perform the pipes, and enhance their living conditions.

Visiting Ghana in 2015

She worked with an NGO called “Community rise” and moved to Ghana with a few MLS players born there. One of these didn’t see his family for five decades, and Rachel describes their reunion as “the most emotional experience”.

Rachel Bonnetta

He did not inform anybody he was coming to see and when people realized him, there wasn’t a whole bunch of them only following Rachel and him about because he was a much-respected individual. She asserts how those two weeks that she spent were life-changing for her.


The feeling was always a massive enthusiasm for Rachel, and after she began residing in New York, she decided to start taking acting classes. She never wanted to make a career from it but needed to try it since it was fun.

She claims how she’d return to MLS (Major League Soccer) together with her mad ideas, and they’d occasionally say yes for her — that comprises the “Rachel vs vschel vs Frankie: MLS Cup Edition” vid.

Rachel Bonnetta

Frankie Hejduk

During an intense interview with “World Soccer Talk”, Rachel said how the man Frankie Hejduk is one of the very favourite people she had ever met and how he has a very special place in her heart.

One thing which she said about him is he drinks 12 shots of espresso throughout the day.

Frankie is a Native American soccer player playing for Los Angeles Galaxy at Major League Soccer. Rachel describes how everybody wanted to hang out with him while he was playing soccer.

Physical features and net worth

Rachel is currently 26 years of age. She’s approximately 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs about 125lbs (57kg).

Her vitals are 34-25-35, and she has a slender figure. She wears a bra size 32B and shoes size 8.

According to paysa.com, Rachel has an annual salary of about $56,000. However, there are no definitive sources of her current net worth.

Social Networking presence

Rachel is very active on her social networking accounts. She posted 1,920 times on her Instagram account, and she has 50,000 followers.

She joined Twitter in April 2009. Ever since then, she tweeted 24,000 days and gathered 71,000 followers. She is growing her own YouTube channel, which she began on 16 May 2011. The channel that carries her name also has over 14,000 subscribers.

You can find her on Facebook as well — she has 78,000 followers, and you can message her — she is thought to be replying her lovers.


She loves to play volleyball.

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