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At profvalue.com, we accept sponsored posts and we have terms and condition if you need sponsored post on this blog.

Terms and condition for a sponsored post on this blog;

  1. If you are writing on how making online tips, you must prove to us that what you have written actually pays, due to the reputation we have built on this blog, we do not accept any kind of making money tips that does not pay or its fake.
  2. The article you are writing should be up to 700 words and must be unique because we will check plagiarism for each article.
  3. Definitely, your article must be seo friendly and not much spamming links.
  4. All articles must be related to making money, crypto and devotionals.


We charge $20 per sponsored post and payment is made only though PayPal, bitcion and mobile transfer.
Benefits of submitting a sponsored post on our blog;

  1. Your article will always be on our front page
  2. Each sponsored post will last for a month on front page
  3. Any article related to your post will be linked to it.

Forward all your sponsored posts to profvalue@gmail.com stating the payment method you wish to use.

We hope to hear from you.

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