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sue aikens net worth

Who is Sue Aikens ?

Sue Aikens
Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens is a reality television star from America. Life Below Zero has her in the main cast. Sue has participated in other shows like Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska. Life Below Zero airs at the National Geography Channel. Its series debut episode aired in 2013. Sue worked alongside chip Hailstone’s wife Agnes Hailstone as well as Glenn Villeneuve (and Andy Bassich) as hunters.

Her show airs on National Geography Channel. Its inaugural episode can be dated back to 2013. It is still in good shape after a seven-year run. She was also featured on several other shows. These include Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska.

Susan has been a part of many hunters’ teams, including Chip Hailstone with his wife Agnes Hailstone as well as Andy Bassich and Glenn Villeneuve.

How Old is Sue Aikens ? | Age

sue aikens husband michael heinrich

She was born in Mount Prospect (Chicago, Illinois, United States of America). Sue was born in July 1, 1963, she is 59 years old.

Sue Aikens Height and Weight

She is a woman with a height of over average. Sue stands at 5ft 6in (Approx 1.68m) and weighs about 66kg.

Sue Aikens Husband | She was divorced thrice

While many people think they know everything about the TV star, Aikens is very private about her personal life. Thanks to our extensive research, we had to dig deep to discover more about her husband’s and family life.

Sue Aikens was a bride-to-be three times. None of the relationships worked. Two of her spouses passed away from illness, while one eloped along with a younger girl.

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Her first husband died of a brain tumor. On 13 June 1987, she was married to British man Eddie James Aikens. The couple had previously lived together in Portland, Oregon, where Eddie ran a barbershop. Two children were born from their union, a boy (and a girl)

After 17 years of marriage, they divorced. Sue went back to Alaska on her own. Eddie, her ex-husband, passed away shortly after. She attended the funeral and offered her condolences to Eddie, her ex-husband. The details of her third marriage are still unknown. However, it is clear that the relationship ended quickly.

Sue Aikens Career | Life Below Zero Sue Aikens bear attacks.

Alaska is not a place where you can be a survivor. It is one of the most hazardous and harsh environments known. Sue witnessed this firsthand when a bear attacked and killed her on a mountain 13 years ago. She sustained a serious injury that left her unable to walk for ten more days.

sue aikens life below zero

Sue had to repair herself after the attack. She sewed her head and secured a belt around her waist. Then she radioed for help and waited. After ten days, a pilot rescued her.

Sue Aikens Net Worth

Working at Kavik River Camp has given her wealth. Sue is estimated to have a net worth of $ 1,587 265.

Sue Aikens New Home | Alaska

Sue moved from Kavik River Camp, her home, to be a lighthouse keeper in 2019. Sue was known to throw in pirates from time to time, but she loved lighthouse keeper and the isolation it offered. Sue lived 105 miles below Arctic Circle in the past. Age and other factors were also reasons she moved away from her 17-year-old home. Alaska will always be her home, even though she is now older.

Sue Aikens Bear | Overview

sue aikens net worth

Sue was attacked by a bear on a mountain in 2007. She suffered serious injuries to her hip and had to be stitched up. Sue was left with severe injuries from the bear attack. She had to sew her head and fasten a belt around her waist to hold it together. Sue called for help and waited ten days before a pilot came to her rescue. She filed a lawsuit against the producer for forcing her to perform dangerous tricks, which caused her severe injuries. The Accident, a special episode that Sue recorded, details her worst experience. Her employers did not respond quickly to Sue’s injuries.

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