Casinos are irresistible places known to attract anyone who wants to have fun while trying their luck. These venues often offer the best services ranging from exciting games such as slots machines to skilled croupiers. Others even have in-house restaurants and bars where you can dine and enjoy refreshing drinks. These features are among the many things why most celebrities love casinos and enjoy gambling. While some celebrities frequent casinos to enjoy the atmosphere, others visit the establishments to challenge the house and prove their gambling skills. Below is a detailed list of the top five celebrities who love casinos that you ought to know. But before looking at the list, here is something crucial you need to note.

Why Should Celebrities Try Online Casinos?

Even though most celebrities prefer gambling in land-based casinos, some benefits come with online casino gaming that are worth considering. For instance, online casinos allow players to enjoy attractive bonuses. These offers can come in a welcome bonus for new players or existing promotions for other players. Among the most common bonuses are match deposit promos and cashbacks.

Currently, most online sites offer mobile gaming services allowing players to gamble on the move. The feature will ensure celebrities don’t miss out on their exciting games regardless of their location. Online casinos also offer various gaming solutions, including slots, table games, and live casino games. These are impressive options that make online casinos accommodating. Lastly, online casinos guarantee celebrities the privacy they deserve. Since you can play games in the comfort of your home, you don’t have to worry about paparazzi or fans disrupting you for pictures. Now that the advantages of online casinos are explained, below is a list of top celebrities who love gambling.

1. Ben Affleck

<h3>Ben Affleck is a renowned movie star that has played some of the biggest roles, including Batman. He has also featured in movies such as Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Triple Frontier, and Argo, which is based around a CIA agent according to Argo review. Apart from his amazing performance in movies, Ben Affleck is also popular for his love for gambling and casinos. He was once considered a gambling addict, but Affleck understands the game, unlike most celebrities. His understanding of Blackjack is why he was banned at Hard Rock Casino after being suspected of counting cards.

The Accountant star is also known for his massive losses; for instance, he lost approximately $400,000 when playing poker in 2001. In 2004, he won a whopping $356,000 while playing a tournament. Ben Affleck is notorious at gambling because he often places huge bets. Additionally, he is one of the actors who used to take part in one of the biggest underground Hollywood gambling tournaments that required a $100,000 buy-in per player. These are only a few scenarios that imply Bet Affleck is one of the most popular celebrities who love gambling.

2. Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is one of the celebrities with a knack for poker. Tilly is often referred to as the queen of poker for obvious reasons. The American-Canadian actress started playing card games at a young age, shaping her into one of the biggest poker players. However, her love for the game intensified when her boyfriend taught her more about poker and the rules. Years later, she beat the World Series of Poker video game her father gave her, receiving a virtual bracelet. It was among the best video games to increase creativity in poker and winning a virtual bracelet was just a start. However, she wanted the actual WSOP bracelet. In 2003, Tilly started participating in live poker events where she proved outstanding. 

In 2006, she won the real WSOP prize after taking part in the 26th $1,000 No Limit Hold’em for ladies. The same year, Jennifer Tilly won the WPT Ladies annual Night poker event proving to critics that she is great. After proving her prowess in poker, she was invited to many celebrity poker events. Jennifer Tilly is currently recognized as the first celebrity to win a WSOP bracelet and one of the most skilled poker players. She continues to take part in some of the top poker tournaments while appearing on televised poker shows frequently.

3. Matt Damon

It is quite hard to be the best friend of one of the biggest celebrity poker players and not follow in the same footsteps. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are longtime friends who are also poker buddies. Like his friend Affleck, Damon loves gambling and prefers Texas Hold’em to other card games. However, you should know that Matt Damon fell in love with gambling on set while filming a movie based around poker. Damon started learning poker from professionals and friends to execute the role perfectly. Even after the film was out, he continued to play poker as a pastime activity. He is one of the actors who used to take part in poker tournaments organized by Molly Bloom.

Apparently, Matt Damon wins poker games more often than his friend. Also, his gambling system is quite different from that of Affleck. That is because he places reasonable bets, minimizing the chances of losing big. Damon is not afraid to display his love for poker. That was apparent after a clip of Matt Damon’s interview with US TV while in a gambling room surfaced online. That makes him yet another celebrity who adores casinos and gambling.

4. Tobey Maguire

It is impossible to leave out Tobey Maguire when listing popular celebrities who love casinos and gambling. Maguire is a professional gambler and actor known for acting in the initial Spiderman franchise. Unlike most celebrities who love gambling, Tobey Maguire was taught poker by the pro poker player Daniel Negreanu and became great. He has participated in multiple poker tournaments, including several World Series of Poker Main Event Championships but has never won a WSOP bracelet. He won $300,000 after participating in the Hollywood Park Casino tournament. That proves that he is an elite player with fantastic poker gaming skills.

Tobey was one of the celebrities who helped organize Molly Game, a high-stakes underground poker game that took place in Hollywood. His major role was to bring in affluent actors thanks to his connection to the film industry. The list of participants had A-listers such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Ben Affleck. After the gambling ring got exposed, Tobey Maguire was sued, including many others who were involved in the gambling ring. Maguire is said to have made massive winnings playing underground poker games not just because of his passion for the game but his unique gaming style.

5. Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon is a Hollywood star known for acting in American Pie, 13 Ghosts, and Scary Movie. Besides that, Shannon is a former model and one of the best female celebrities who love poker. Shannon began playing Texas Hold’em in the 2000s and soon became popular due to her gaming style. Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak trained her, an opportunity she seized completely, learning all the tricks and moves. Thanks to her poker skills, Shannon has appeared in Celebrity Poker Showdown. She also participated in the CK’s Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament, finishing sixth which improved her net worth.

She later advanced to the big leagues participating in the World Series of Poker’s Main Event in 2005. One of her biggest poker earnings was in 2007 when she raked in $125,000 after playing in the NBC National Heads-Up Championship in Las Vegas. Currently, Shannon considers poker to be her second career, and she continues to participate in multiple poker events. She has even served as the brand ambassador in one of the WSOP’s main events showing her significance in the Poker gambling scene.

All the listed celebrities are popular for their love for casinos, not just because they prefer gambling to other pastime activities but because they are good at particular table games. Some like Jennifer Tilly have mastered poker to the extent of earning a WSOP bracelet, while others such as Ben Affleck have won significant earnings playing different games. That is why they have made it on the list of top 5 celebrities who love gambling.

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