Vida Guerrero (Tupac’s Girlfriend) – Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Relationship Life, Facts, Photos, Height and Weight

Vida Guerrero is a famous American model with many followers on Instagram. She’s best know for being the girlfriend of late Tupac who was a famous American rapper before he died.

Hardly will I see anyone way he or she doesn’t know Tupac or heard any of his songs even if it’s just the snippet.

So when you date a famouse artist, you’d become famous automatically, Vida Guerrero wasn’t exceptional in this case. Tupac literally caused her popularity. In this article, we will dive in the biography of Vida Guerrero, her age, net worth, career, relationship life and facts.

How old is Vida Guerrero?

She was born on the 5th of May 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She is 27 years old as at 2023. Vida is a beautiful lady with a cute smile, even as a 27 years old, she’s still look younger.

Vida Guerrero’s Career

Apart from the fact that she was the girlfriend of late Tupac, she is a fashion designer and a renowned model. Going through her Instagram page, you will understand that she wants to focus more on beauty, fashion and fitness.

She posts more contents on fitness and health, it’s believed that she accepts sponsored contents on her Instagram to boost revenue. Hence, fitness and fashion are two major career paths for vida Guerrero.

Vida Guerrero’s Net worth

As at 2023, Vida Guerrero’s Net worth is expected be about $800k. It’s obvious that Vida makes money from the content creation and sponsored adverts.

Vida Guerrero and Tupac Relationship

Tupac once dated Vida Guerrero, I could say that she’s one of those lady that Tupac dated and very proud of her. Then, Tupac’s story on Instagram was filled with him and Vida. It’s was quite unfortunate that the relationship didn’t last for reasons best know to then.

After Vida’s relationship with Tupac, there haven’t been any news of her new boyfriend. Vida Guerrero might be single at the moment or she prefers to keep her relationship life private since the previous relationship didn’t work.

Vida Guerrero’s height and weight

She stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 53 Kg or 125.5 lbs as at 2023. Due to her persistent fitness, she has a good body shape every guy wants.

Know Facts About Vida Guerrero

1. She’s currently single at the moment, so she does not have a boyfriend. However, when she updates about her relationship life, be sure that we will update this post.

2. She’s an American by birth, no valid news about her parents and siblings.

3. Vida Guerrero is a beautiful lady with a good body shape, her modeling lifestyle is at the best.

4. She has more than 600k followers on Instagram.

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