7 Things to Consider Before Buying a VPN for Streaming

Streaming online content is the reason there’s been an upsurge in VPN use across the globe. A VPN gives users the ability to hide their IP address to access geo-blocked content from popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

When you subscribe to a streaming platform such as Netflix, you can only watch content for your region. But you can get around this limitation by using a VPN. This means you can watch content that is not available in your country.

For example, users worldwide prefer US Netflix because it has the most extensive movie and TV show library. This content is only available to US Netflix users, and you can use Surfshark VPN to get a US IP address to gain access.

But all VPNs are not the same, and there are things you need to consider before buying a VPN for streaming, and they are:


When using a VPN, your internet connection passes through another server in the country you selected when connecting. Meaning you should expect a drop in your connection speed, but the drop should not make your connection sluggish.

So, buy a VPN that gives different configurations for different purposes. This ensures you will have versatile speeds on your side for streaming, downloading, or other online activities.

Static IP

Having a dedicated IP address while using a VPN is essential for streaming. With a static IP, you will be the only person assigned that address. This is important because you will not only have better security but get the most out of streaming.

Static IP is one of the best functions when looking for a VPN for anonymous streaming. All streaming platforms detect VPNs that provide the same IP address to many users. When multiple users log in to a streaming site like Netflix with the same IP address, the firewall systems detect and ban the addresses.

Always choose a VPN that gives you a dedicated IP address and you will never deal with a Netflix or any other streaming platform ban.


A VPN for streaming should have multiple servers in different locations. This guarantees you will have access to all the content you subscribe to back home.

Availability also comes in handy for accessing a streaming service not available in your country, like Hulu. The same applies when trying to watch geo-blocked content from Netflix or other streaming platforms.


A good VPN should support all streaming platforms and operating systems. Today, even gaming platforms like the Xbox One and the PS4 can stream online content. A high-end VPN should offer simultaneous connection to your gaming console, laptop, PC, smartphone, and any other device you use for streaming.

A versatile VPN means you can stream across all your devices.

Zero Bandwidth Thresholds

When looking for an excellent VPN for streaming, make sure they do not limit you in that department. Some VPNs use bandwidth throttling, which can significantly affect your streaming experience.

Streaming HD or 4K content uses a lot of data. If you subscribe to a VPN with capacity thresholds, you will run into problems. Do not subscribe to VPNs with bandwidth thresholds.

Tech Support

The qualities of a high-end VPN service do not end with the opportunities it gives you. A good VPN service should be supported by a dedicated tech support team to answer all your questions. The VPN service for streaming should have an exhaustive FAQ section to offer solutions for the most common problems.

Also, the representatives should be readily available to solve any issue that might affect your streaming experience.


Last but not least, the cost of your VPN is an essential consideration before buying. There are many free VPN services out there. But most of them do not work with streaming platforms, and if you find one that works, it’s only a matter of time before it’s found out.

However, you should not pay an arm and a leg for a premium VPN service. There are many affordable VPNs, so read online reviews to choose the right one. 

Final Thoughts

Using a VPN is a great way to enhance your content streaming experience. You can access geo-blocked content from all your favorite streaming platforms, no matter where you are. Use our tips to find a VPN that works for you.

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