What Is Tree Pruning?

Pruning is one of the common ways to maintain a tree to ensure its long life as well as structural integrity. If pruning is not done properly and at regular intervals, it can have drastic effects including a shorter life span for the tree.

Although most forest trees are well off without any pruning, most household trees require pruning to maintain their structural integrity and ensure a longer life span.

Forest trees usually don’t require much pruning due to their surroundings and abundant atmospheric conditions. On the other hand, due to lack of proper environment household trees require pruning.

Why Pruning?

Pruning is an important step to ensure a hazard-free life for the trees. Pruning includes removing dead and infected branches that might affect the growth of a tree. It also helps in forming a tree’s structure and avoids low branches falling off during storms.

Pruning also helps the tree by removal of unwanted and decayed branches as if these branches are not removed can slowly and gradually spread among the tree risking a tree’s life.

When Should We Prune?

Most of the trees can be pruned at any time of the year without affecting the tree much. However, some trees bleed from cuts so its better to prune them during their active growth so as they can grow back quickly not hurting them.

Trees in the Northern Hemisphere should not be pruned during autumn as decay fungi can affect them badly.

Except for some trees and areas, it is safe to say pruning can be done anytime it pleases you.

What are some Pruning Techniques?

There are a few pruning techniques for different purposes-


This is the removal of the unwanted branches from the tree. There can be various reasons for doing so such as to improve structural integrity or when the branches are infected, decayed, or infected.


This is the removal of the lower branches to make clearance for vehicles and buildings. This process is also done to reduce the risks of the branches falling during a storm or some calamity.


This is done to reduce the size of the tree to make way for utility lines. This is usually done by removing the terminal branches.

 Tree Pruning Services

If you are looking to prune your trees, you can either prune them yourself or ask help from a tree service company. Pruning is a process that can directly affect a tree’s life, so I would suggest you hire a tree pruning company

If you are looking for a Tree Service Company you can contact San Bernardino Tree Services

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