What your choices in glasses tell us about your lifestyle?

We may not be right all the time, but pretty sure we are always right. It’s no enormous surprise when we see someone wearing round thin metallic glasses, we conclude that they are a Harry Potter fanatic. Yes, seeing them reading a Harry Potter book also suggests that, but the glasses are an undeniable accessory that slips a great hint about your lifestyle. Human beings use the things that they need but also store the things they get on sale. Storing them sets it apart from being a favourite and being a companion on all walks of life. But wearing or carrying them every day speaks as if you’ve found your soul mate (if there’s any).

Yes, some things like your golden earrings or your watch that your dad gifted are valuable. Some things you find it to be utterly beautiful and suits you so you keep them close. Glasses are also one of those accessories that goes through your good and bad days. Yes, it’s true that you need them to see, but aren’t they stunning? Don’t let me count the times you got complimented for the frames or looking smart. Coming from a person who constantly experiments with frames, they all have got great love and place in my heart.

Now that we know your preference has a lot to do with your lifestyle, let’s list out what your chosen glasses suggest about your lifestyle.

Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are lenses with premium blue light coating that eliminate incoming blue light rays from our screen. Blue light rays are injurious light rays to our eyes. The sun, LED lights and the screens of digital devices such as laptop, computer, ipads, tablets, and smartphones, emit these detrimental blue light rays.

These light rays are a serious threat to the eyes if you sit in front of your screen for hours. It causes eye-strain, tiredness, headache, neck and shoulder pain, blurry vision, burning sensation, red-eye, itchiness and uneven sleeping pattern. Blue light glasses help to overcome those dreadful situations by blocking the incoming rays through its superior blue light coating. With the help of these coatings, the damaging blue light rays no longer penetrate the cornea and cause various discomfort in the eyes.

People who wear blue light glasses are those who watch, use and love social media, YouTube or TV. Or spending their time binge-watching Netflix all day. If you are not from this lot, you work on screen as a profession such as developer, software engineer, graphic designer, content writer and others. You spend your time sitting against the screen and experience the side effects which cause a disturbance in your eyes. Which leads you to get blue light glasses to continue operation on screen uninterrupted and remain safe from rays.

Designer Glasses

If you are into the latest collection of designer glassesfrom high-end brands, then you are highly into fashion. Call yourself the next Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, you own every look with a stunning range of frames. Professionals with high artistic calibre and loads of inspiration brings a thought into reality are creators of designer glasses. Hence there’s no way, intellectuals can’t help but appreciate the rare talent. Not everyone has a great taste like yours, but you admire the uncommon ones like Elton John and Lady Gaga. Celebrities who have a great sense of fashionista personality with admiration towards splendid design and craft.

With those designer glasses on your face, you light up the room and make everyone so less than ordinary. Your fashionable vibe inspires people around you, and your selection soon is the annual trend of the year. Keep on shining Queen/King.

Transition Glasses

Transition glasses

Photochromic glasses, popularly known as transition glasses, love to give you the best of both worlds. Transition glasses change their colour depending on the environment and amount of sunlight present around. Transition glasses would appear like a normal pair of glasses while you are indoors, but when you step out in the sun, the lenses turn darker and work as sunglasses. Along with the prescription, the darker tint/shade acts as sunglasses and protects your eyes from sunglasses. The lens’ colour changes with light rays falling against its surface.

If you wear transition glasses, then you run a lot of errands or are a complete busy person. Transition glasses worn by people who run errands a lot. The hassle of running indoors and then getting out increases the chances of damaging the eyes because of no UV protection, hence you stick to a single pair with all your solutions embedded to be a perfect fit. If you are a businessman or someone who’s got no time in hand. If you are always hustling between meetings, then it’s obvious that you will go after transition glasses. These glasses lose out the hassle of carrying two different pairs of glasses and reduce the time to interchange them according to your location.

If you are living a similar lifestyle but don’t have the similar solution in glasses, then head to Specscart. This British-born eyewear startup has made buying prescription glasses online into the simplest and affordable thing. Prescription or non-prescription glasses at Specscart comes with a free fully loaded coating of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance. With its thousand stunning frames, you’ll be lost for words to select from. Fortunately for you, Specscart lets you get a chance for a free driving experience before settling on it. You can get 4 frames for up to 7 days with its free home try on service and then make the right choice you’ve been waiting for days.

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