3 PDF Bear Converters That You Need to Start Using

Using PDF Bear will bring a lot of help, and you don’t have to carry the burden of handling your PDF files.  There are moments that we always manage tons of PDF files, and that’s a big problem for many people. With that statement, there are ways for you to easily handle those PDF documents without managing them one by one. With the current technology, your PDF problems will no longer hassle you since looking for tools to convert your documents are now easier to find


This web-based software offers the best PDF to Word conversion process. You may find many tools to help you with your PDF file, but not all services support this kind of technology. However, PDF Bear made it so much simple and more comfortable for you to convert a PDF file to DOCX. Also, suppose you have a standard in terms of the conversion process. In that case, you have nothing to worry about for PDF Bear is affiliated with Solid Documents, which will give you a superb conversion for PDF to Word and will maintain a high-quality standard. With easy and few clicks, your PDF is converted into a Word document.


  1. Select the PDF file to convert.
  2. The system will automatically extract scanned pages from the file.
  3. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. The newly formatted file is ready for you to share and modify.


It may be a bit troublesome when you share your presentation file with some of your colleagues or friends or whoever is on the receiving end. Although Microsoft Powerpoint format is a universal or standard format, not all platforms can support such a file. And so, you have to convert it into a format that every platform can read. With that, PDf Bear’s quick and easy conversion tool will turn your Powerpoint file into a PDF file. And not just that, the process can do multiple PPT files at once. You will also save plenty of effort and time. The conversion process will only take you a minute or less than that. Follow these straightforward steps to convert your file:


  1. Choose the PPT file that needs conversion.
  2. The process bar will come out, meaning it is starting to convert.
  3. You have ample time if you want to make changes in the file; pick options available.
  4.  The “Download” button will appear for saving the newly converted file to your PC. You can as well share it to Google Drive and Dropbox.


Last but not least is the Excel to PDF feature of PDF Bear. Suppose your problem before is you don’t know how to convert your Excel files into PDF documents. In that case, you don’t have to worry anymore because the service of PDF Bear will provide an essential tool and straightforward process so that you can smoothly perform it.


With a few steps, users can start converting their Excel documents into PDF files. With this function, users are guaranteed that their files are still private after the conversion process. No data is stored for more than one hour in the system because PDF Bear will instantly delete all the uploaded, edited, and download documents. With that said, here’s how to use this function from PDF Bear:


  1. Choose and Upload the Excel document that you want to convert using this conversion tool.
  2. Pick the suitable option available.
  3. Hit the “Convert!” button, and this function will start reading and applying the changes to the document.
  4. After that, users can start sharing or downloading the newly converted file to their desktop.


With PDF Bear, people can easily convert their documents, and besides that function, you can use it to merge, compress, rotate, protect, unlock, split, add watermarks, or even repair your PDF files quickly. Because it’s online-based, anyone worldwide can easily use it through their desktops and other devices without spending a single cent.

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