5 Best Engineering Universities in Australia

If you are going to study in Australia, then we have a major recommended to you – engineering. By studying engineering in Australia, you will gain an internationally recognised degree as well as find a good job after graduation.

However, the premise is that you should gain the degree from the best engineering universities in Australia. Then what are the best engineering universities in Australia? Just read on to get the details.

#1 Curtin University

Curtin university was established in 1966 and has several campuses in Western Australia: Perth, Kalgoorlie, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius. It is rated as one of the best universities for engineering in the world: it ranks second in the 2019 World University Rankings for general mineral and mining engineering.
Curtin University stands out especially for:
It has scholarship programs for international graduate students in the engineering field of study.
It offers sophisticated spaces for developing high-impact research in the world of engineering.
Labs that have state-of-the-art equipment to simulate real jobs, which makes your student experience meaningful.
The job prospects are high – its internationally recognition will help you highlight your profile.

#2 University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney is also one of the best engineering universities in Australia. The university is located in the heart of the city of Sydney, very close to the central transport station. It is ranked 21st in the Top 50 Newest Universities and has five stars in the QS Stars rating system , being internationally recognized for its high performance in research, graduate employability, quality of teaching and infrastructure.

In addition, it offers graduate programs in different areas: engineering, science, communication, architecture and information technology. These programs will teach students professional knowledge and skills, which makes students competitive in new and emerging fields.

#3 Macquarie University

Macquarie University is located in the most important high-tech campus in Australia, Sydney. It is Ranked among 1% of the best universities in the world , with graduates who are among the most sought after professionals on the planet.
The University offers all kinds of benefits to its students, including:
A range of exceptional graduate research degrees.

It has one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia, providing annual opportunities for international students.
Connections in the industry , developing practical learning in the engineering area .

Featured programs such as: Participation and Community Engagement (PACE) and the Global Leaderships Program that offer students the opportunity to develop professional skills and leadership in work and community settings.

#4 Griffith University

Griffith University is an ideal institution to study engineering in Australia. It is ranked 34th out of 50 of the best universities according to the 2016 QS Rankings.
Graduates of this university will obtain high-quality degrees, specifically designed to prepare students for the future and development of engineering.

This University offers you:

An exciting and attractive range of scholarships supporting international Master’s degree students. They especially give scholarships to students with a brilliant academic index
An academic advising that will support you from your arrival at the university until graduation.

The home of Griffith Mates a diverse peer support network for international students , with members speaking more than 30 languages.

High quality education under the notion of innovative learning, as a premise for knowledge.

#5 Murdoch University

Murdoch University is a public university that is located in Perth in Western Australia. Currently the university has around 15 thousand students, of which 3 thousand are international students.
It has a varied offer of master’s degrees for engineers and also in the world of information technology.

Murdoch University is among the best engineering universities in Australia because it offers you many benefits, such as:

High level of employability
Practice a dynamic teaching style
You will be part of an exclusive community on the study campus
Fully equipped nursing room service
Practical learning through the Simlab simulator , which simulates classroom environments using avatars. (Only university in Australia that uses this system)
Laboratory dedicated to physiology
Student residence service


These are considered as the 5 best engineering universities in Australia. While choosing a university to study engineering in Australia, you can give priority to the schools above. Of course, you can also use the Course Finder of CatEight to find more engineering courses or universities in Australia.

Wish you can find and study in your ideal university in future.

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