Everything you need to know about Alison Berns, ex-Wife of Howard Stern: Wiki, Net Worth, Remarried, New Husband, Divorce etc

Alison Berns

Who’s Alison Berns?

Alison Berns was born on 26 May 1954 at Newton Centre, Massachusetts USA. She is also a former actress and radio hostess, but maybe best known because of she is the ex-wife of radio personality Howard Stern. The latter gained fame through his radio program entitled “The Howard Stern Show,” which began in the mid-1980s.

The Riches of Alison Berns

How rich is Alison Berns? As of late-2018, sources quote a net worth of over $20 million, gained through her success in her various endeavors, and a significant amount because of the divorce settlement from her successful ex-husband, with a net worth estimated at $90 million. As she continues her jobs, it is anticipated that her wealth will even continue to rise.

Historical Life and Marriage

While there is little information available about Alison’s youth, it is understood that she attended Newton North High School, and after matriculating, registered into Boston University before moving to Columbia University. During this period, she met Howard Stern, who was a film student, and the two grew close as they worked on a project known as “Transcendental Meditation,” intended as one of Stern’s submissions for school.

Soon afterward, Stern requested Berns to see a movie, so beginning their connection. The two stayed together throughout college, and after completing his schooling, Howard became a known figure in the radio market. He’d be the cause of the girlfriend’s increase in popularity as she became involved in the entertainment industry.

In 1978 both married in Brookline, Massachusetts in the Temple Ohabei Shalom, attended by friends and family members; they would have three children together throughout their two years marriage. Together with Stern’s popularity reaching a high stage, Alison gained acting chances, inducing their net worth to rise in conjunction.

Alison Berns

Ex-Husband — Howard Stern

Howard got his start on the radio during the mid-1970s, developing his on-air personality through numerous radio channels, including WRNW, WCCC, and WWWW, based in various locations. From the early 1980s, he started working with New York City’s WNBC but was fired after three years.

In 1985, he created “The Howard Stern Show,” which attained syndication in a year, airing over 20 million listeners during its summit. The series and Stern would earn numerous business awards, and he became Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated On-Air Personality of the Year for eight successive years. He actually had a beautiful daughter Ashley Jade who was very close to him.

His show would turn into one of the best shows in the nation, but he also became the very fined radio host with regulatory boards, because of content deemed indecent for tv airing. Finally, he became one of their most significant paid statistics on the radio after signing a five-year agreement with Sirius XM worth $500 million.

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He has been featured in many books and briefly served as a judge for the series”America’s Got Talent.” He’s been described as the”King of All Media,” which has also published two books that became New York Times bestsellers. He’s also made a lot of movies and soundtracks throughout his career.

Alison Berns

Acting Projects and Fallout

She then worked on another of her husband’s endeavors in “US Open Sores,” a love affair that happened a year later, with Stern battling against his radio manufacturer Gary Dell’Abate. During the upcoming few years, she continued working with her husband. She was thrown in the biographical movie entitled “Private Parts,” about the book of the same name written by her husband, and followed his life from youth to his victory on the radio.

However, things did not bode well for the couple even after all that victory; in 1999, they decided to divorce after more than 20 years together. While details about their divorce weren’t shared openly initially, Stern afterward mentioned that his mindset of being a workaholic began to chip away in their connection. He had become drunk, which led to their separation, and their divorce was finalized in 2001, the payoff permitting Berns a significant quantity of money.

Alison Berns

Even though the couple separated, Alison and Howard stay great friends and meet in family events for their kids’ interests. They’ve been seen in pictures together while also maintaining the home they were living in when they were wed. On the flip side, Stern moved into an apartment found in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which has 4,000 square feet.

A few months after their separation, Alison began a relationship with businessman David Simon, the CEO of the Simon Property Group, and both would marry. In contrast, Stern started dating tv host Beth Ostrosky, plus they also wed.

Because of their separation, Berns has lived apart from the spotlight, and her coverage has lessened as the decades passed. One of the reasons there’s almost no information concerning her current endeavors is her lack of online presence. She doesn’t have any social networking accounts, and what’s available online stems mostly from her when she was still married to Stern.

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