The real story about Aniah Blanchard’s Death, how she was missing and found.

Aniah Blanchard | Walt Harris‘s Daughter

Aniah Blanchard missing found

Aniah Blanchard was the daughter of Walt Harris; he and Angela have two children together, Asah and Aylah.

Walt Harris is an American MMA fighter who has been competing in the sport since 2011. Harris is absolutely a force to reckon with in the ring. At as now, he has a total of 13 KO/TKO wins and about eight losses, with a five-win streak from 2011 to 2013. 

His career appeared to be reaching its peak until disaster struck his family when his daughter Aniah Blanchard experienced a tragic death.

Aniah Blanchard missing

In October 2019, Walt Harris 19-year-old daughter Aniah Blanchard was announced missing. The police found proof on Blanchard’s vehicle and had a mistrust of foul play after her disappearance.

The incident was publicly reported, and a prize sum of more than $100,000 was awarded for any information that could lead to the apprehension and conviction of her perpetrator.

Aniah Blanchard found

A month later, inspection footage captured from a convenience store where Blanchard was last seen was published. The footage also captured another person assumed as the perpetrator, who was known as Ibraheem Yazeed.

He was finally arrested in Escambia County, Florida, after roughly a month of the police search. He was charged with first-degree kidnapping but was promoted to capital murder after Blanchard’s remains were found and identified. 

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Aniah Blanchard Death | How did Aniah Blanchard die?

Aniah Blanchard

Aniah Blanchard

The autopsy unveiled that the cause of death was a gunshot wound. Her death led to the founding of Aniah’s law, which sought to reform Alabama’s bail laws and expanded the exception to bail to other serious crimes aside from capital offenses.

Harris was set to fight against Alistair Overeem in December 2019, but the bout was eliminated in early November after he drew out of the fight due to the disappearance and death of his stepdaughter Aniah.

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Aniah Blanchard’s age before she died

Aniah Blanchard was born on June 22, 2000, and she was just 19 years old at the time of her death.

Height and Weight

The beautiful lady, Aniah was 5 ft 6 in or 167.64 cm tall and she weighed about 125 lbs or 56.69 kg.

Was Walt Harris’ daughter married when she died?

Aniah Blanchard death

As for her sister Aniah, she was not reported to be linked romantically with anyone before her death. 7-year-old Aylah Harris is still too young to be in a relationship.

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