Everything you need to know about Ashton Meem – Former Wife of Russell Wilson, Relationship, Career, Divorce

Ashton Meem

Brief Bio of Ashton Meem

Many actors married individuals who aren’t famous and Russell Wilson happens to be among them. He got hitched to the love of his life, his high school sweetheart, and not-so-famous Ashton Meem. Though the American soccer play-maker is making the waves into his burgeoning NFL career. The incredible couple had a long-term intimate relationship, but shortly after, their marriage began to deteriorate, causing a separation. Nevertheless, the primary question in the many fans’ heads has been — what led to their divorce?

Read on, as we take you through it all, you have to learn about Ashton Meem. Additionally, learn more about her subsequent relationship after her divorce from Wilson down here

Ashton Meem

The Richmond, Virginia native Ashton Meem came into this world on September 6, 1987. She has been born to his wife Molly and American parents Lang Meem. Meem spent her formative years at Virginia, where she finished her primary schooling at St. Catherine High School. Following her graduation in St Catherine, Ashton moved into the University of Georgia. After spending three years in Georgia, Ashton moved on to North Carolina State University where she gained a bachelor’s degree in communications in

In high school. Russell was a three-sport athlete at Collegiate School situated in Richmond, Virginia. Ashton, on the other hand, was being schooled at St Catherine’s High School that was about five miles away from Richmond. The pair met at their high school, and after, they attended a summer party together.

More about Ashton Meem

Seeing the connection between them, their relationship was kicked off by them. Although Ashton was off at the University of Georgia, Russell attended North Carolina State University during their school days. The fantastic couple was able to keep their connection afloat despite the space between them. Russell proposed to Ashton following her graduation at 2010, and they finally tied the knot at January 2012 before the inception of his career. He was then drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2012’s NFL draft.

He also led the Seahawks to emerge since the Super Bowl XLVIII winners in 2013. Thus far, Russell was named NFL Rookie of the Year in 2012 and was appointed four times. Additionally, the quarterback was NFL Passer Rating Leader in 2015 and has led to the NFL in passing touchdown, among others.

Ashton Meem

Career offshoot

Shortly Ashton had done lots of internships in various companies with her attention on media before landing her current gig with the American Family Insurance Coy marketing.

Ashton has been operating as their Advertising Operations Assistant to date since she was hired. She came to the spotlight following her marriage to the American soccer star.

Noteworthy for being the former spouse of the American soccer superstar Russell Wilson. She climbed to the mainstream after her marriage into the football quarterback in 2012.Their union was rosy until it suddenly came to an end amid rumors of infidelity in 2014.

On July 6, 2016. Their marriage took place in the Peckforton Castle situated in Cheshire, Wilson and Ashton continued to enjoy a blissful wedded life until rumors, after two years. Though there’s absolutely no news of problems in her relationship; his ex-husband Russell, went to date the famous singer called Ciara. The duo began to swirl this; that Ashton Meem was allegedly having an affair with Golden Tate, a former colleague of Russell Wilson. Tate, who abandoned the group, tried to describe the issues, although the rumors were unsubstantiated. The pair did not have any children in their marriage.
The following year, both walked down the aisle, and finally, Russell and Ciara became engaged. Wilson is currently married to the famed American singer Ciara.

Ashton Meem

Life after divorce

After their divorce, Ashton Meem started maintaining a low profile to prevent unnecessary press interference. She’s never been linked with anyone or any relationship to date. Meanwhile, at the time of the divorce, Wilson was experiencing a football careerf that was thriving. Following their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child named Sienna Princess Wilson in April 2017.

Ashton Meem


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