Brian Gotter TMJ4 Meteorologist: Wife, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Bio

Brian Gotter

Brian Gotter is a professional reporter and journalist in the American media sector. He’s best known as a Meteorologist who operates in the TMJ4 news channel and the Storm Team. Also, he’d joined the team in 2006.

Furthermore, the journalist possesses a Twitter account under the title @BrianGotter, in which he’s collected over 6,000 followers online.

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Brian Gotter Age and Nationality

Although his actual age is unknown to the general public, his social media profile suggests that he is in his mid 30’s.The writer is from America and retains a digital nationality. Also, he’s from of white ethnicity.

Net worth

In the course of his career in journalism, he’s garnered a fortune. Presently, his net worth in the marketplace is currently $20 Million.

Brian Gotter wife and Children

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11am December 5th 2018. Our lives changed in a split second. Then a few hours later to see your wife transported to a Milwaukee hospital…scariest thing ever. I can’t believe it has been a year since Tina had a sudden brain hemorrhage. She was “lucky” it wasn’t an aneurysm. After almost 2 weeks in the neuro ICU, she was extremely lucky to be the first patient to WALK OUT of the ICU in many years. We are thankful everyday for what didn’t happen. She could still be in the ICU But that is where the luck runs out. One year later Tina has battled nonstop headaches and migraines. Yes nonstop for a year. Think about how bad your day is with a headache. Now imagine every day, and it gets worse in the evening after a busy day. I knew she was strong, but this is crazy and inspiring. If you didn’t know her you would never know she is in constant pain. She continues with her busy life and never lets her kids down. She is always there. She is more than amazing. There are things she has had to change and avoid, like working out, loud places and flashing lights (no more concerts), but she never misses a kids game despite the noise in gyms and from whistles. She has not missed a day running her wedding venue, another sign of toughness and not letting this beat her. The doctors and T have tried so many things. Medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, and ear piercings to name sone of them. Nothing helps. It is frustrating for all of us. The doctors have no idea why this is still happening. The headaches should have gone away a month or so after the trauma, but they continue. The only good news is that the repeated brain scans don’t show any further bleeding or tumor. So we keep trying. The next step seems to be Mayo Clinic and hopefully the hospital in Jacksonville so she can be home with her parents instead of a hotel in Rochester, MN. I don’t mean to ramble but this is my outlet. Im so glad she is is “ok”, but to see the one you love more than anything on this earth suffer, breaks my heart. I feel helpless because i cant take the pain away, but Tina will beat this. We love you T. Thank you for being you.

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Brain Gotter is currently married and they both had two beautiful children; Alexis and Austin.

Facts of Brian Gotter

  • Brian Gotter is a professional reporter and journalist in the American press industry.
  • There aren’t any records available about his date of arrival on the Internet.
  • The journalist is an Alma mater of’ Oklahoma,’ where he earned his degree in journalism.
  • He’s best recognized as a Meteorologist who works at the TMJ4 news station and the Storm Team. Also, he had joined the group from 2006.
  • The journalist owns a Twitter accounts below the title @BrianGotter, where he has collected over 6,000 followers online.
  • Brian stands at substantial height and weight reduction. Nevertheless, the data on his body dimensions are still lacking.

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