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Casey Nezhoda bikini

Casey Nezhoda Life Story

Casey Nezhoda cute

Casey Nezhoda was conceived in San Diego, California, USA, on September 6, 1974. Casey’s early life, family, and education details remain private and are not known much. We will not discuss all, but we will update you immediately if more information becomes available.

She is the only child in her family. Nearly all of her siblings were involved in sports activities. In high school, she was also an incredibly talented student. She was a babysitter for close friends before she got married.

Relationship Life

Casey and Rene Nezhoda have been married for almost 20 years. They have a daughter named Tatiana. Although they were seen together on several TV shows before their most prominent appearance, it was always clear that they worked hand-in-hand.

Their joint work is evident in multiple photos she posted on Instagram. Despite Casey and her husband keeping their daughter away from fame, they dream of sharing their knowledge and store with their daughter.

Casey Nezhoda Wealth Value 

Casey Nezhoda
Casey Nezhoda

Casey and Rene made a lot of cash after running a successful San Diego business. Her net worth is estimated at over $2.5 million by reliable sources. Their income sources include her primary business and television appearances. The show demonstrates how it is possible to make money at a low price. Rene and Casey co-own a 7000 sq. ft. establishment called Bargain Hunter Thrift Shop.

She has assisted in assembling second-hand items and stocks and collecting collectibles. Their popularity has led to increased visits from tourists and those who visit their shop to purchase antiques. They may see an increase in their wealth as they place their shop online for buyers worldwide.

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Casey Nezhoda Work Life

Casey jointly owns a store that measures 7000 feet, and the store is located in San Diego. Casey has been co-owner of the store since 2002. Bargain Hunters Thrift is where the store is located. Nezhoda manages the store along with her husband.

Casey would like to pass the store along to her daughter. Nezhoda has previously auditioned for ABC’s Celebrity Storage and is even making it to the final 5. She was eliminated in the end. Casey stated that it was an honor for her to reach the top 5 with 200 auditions. Storage Wars was Casey’s second attempt at a reality TV show. This offer was the second to be made by A&E.

This offer was for season 4. Rene and Casey accepted this offer and were invited back as regular guests since they elevated to series mains in season 5. Rene and Casey are still with the series. In season 10, they were still with the show. She was involved in some of the sexiest behavior in the program. Brandi Passante dubbing Casey as ‘Little Miss Too Old For Those Shorts.’

Casey Nezhoda height

Rene and Casey have become fan favorites because of their quirky bickering. It is evident whenever Rene finds jewelry in a storage container. Casey makes several requests to keep the jewelry as a souvenir. Rene has so far refused to allow it.

Body Measurement

Casey Nezhoda is a model with a striking figure that is hard to miss. She stands 5′ 6″ tall and weighs in at 67kg. Other measurements include her bust measuring 40 inches, her waist measuring 26 inches, and her hips measuring 37 inches.

What is Her Age?

Casey is 48 years old.

Know more about Her Faith

Casey Nezhoda bikini

Nezhoda considers herself a Christian. She attends church every Sunday with her husband. Naturally, they did not forget their little girl. Repeating this several times per week. This pious act made them a new influence in the Christian religion. It also shows that not all followers are alike. She is the Beauty Queen of Beauty.

Casey holds her faith in high regard. She says it is a part of who she is. Religion is an integral part of her daily life. It is evident in everything she does.

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