Celestia Vega wiki bio, career, reddit and pictures

Celestia Vega
Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega Wiki Bio

Celestia Vega
Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is a Twitch and YouTube star, who’s famous for his provocative talk and adult movies. Being popular a while ago, she doesn’t often appear these days, so the advice is about her earlier life, which may enable us to understand what Celestia is around now.

Celestia Vega Early life and family

Celestia Vega was born on 12 August 1998, in New York, the USA. There’s no information about her parents or siblings. Afterward, she transferred to California.

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Celestia Vega Education

Celestia Vega attended a high school in New York. However, there’s not any information about that high school she enrolled from, though some sources say she suspended her middle school since she didn’t feel comfortable. In her movie “50 Facts About Me”, Celestia confessed she thought that she would never fit into any group of her classmates, setting a stranger to everybody all of the time.

She said ‘Video games had been this escape for me, mainly because at college I had difficulty making friends and would always have to manage lots of underlying bullying which I kept to myself’. She also attended a timeless music school for eight years, where she played with the guitar, playing it since she was about five years old.

Twitch and YouTube career

Celestia Vega

In one of her movies, Celestia informs she had a passion for video games since she was about three years old. The first game she played was the “Freddi Fish” series.

The majority of the time, she staged herself playing “Oblivion,” “Animal Crossing: Wild World,” and “RuneScape,” but picking a game to play entirely on what mood she was in. Thus she streamed “Diablo III,” “League of Legends,” “H1Z1”, “Minecraft,” etc.. Later, Celestia began posting adult and provocative content videos that caused a great deal of interest about her character.

A couple of years ago, Twitch gave Celestia a sub button that allowed her to receive payments from readers. Twitch has three degrees of subscriptions, which can cost $4,99, $9,99 or $24,99, and Twitch streamers get a half that amount, the remainder visiting Twitch as a commission. Celestia became quite emotional, mainly as most of her followers subscribed to her channel at the same time, making Celestia cry of happiness.

Celestia is often connected with Zoie Burgher, yet another popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber; they frequently appeared together in their videos, Zoie found this decision unsuitable for her Luxe Gaming collective, also eliminated Celestia from her gambling squad. Intriguingly, Zoie ended up linking expert also a brief time afterward.

Celestia Vega Reddit


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Currently, Celestia has almost 600,000 subscribers to her YouTube station and nearly 125,000 followers on her Twitch channel. She has deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts, on which she totaled nearly 500,000 followers, posting the last message “I am done” and eliminating everything she posted before. She can’t currently be found on Snapchat either. Back in the afternoon, Celestia visited various gaming festivals and events like Vidcon and Insomnia, but now she doesn’t look anywhere.

Celestia Vega career

Celestia career
Celestia career

Her first video narrative was encouraged with the help of another famous YouTuber, KSI (whose actual name is Olajide William). They posted a movie “My Adult Film feet Celestia Vega” on which they promised to show the very first picture they filmed together when the video captured a million ‘likes’; It caused a lot of interest and gossip about Celestia’s future career. The movie hasn’t hit a million likes, and their fans keep joking that they are waiting for the video to be posted.

Celestia kept working as a professional celebrity and was promoted by the famous LA Direct Models art agency, founded in 2000, which functions with actors and actresses. She had been involved in when she chose to become a camera model and decided that it was the way she wanted to go.

Celestia Vega Net Worth

Resources estimate her net worth is well over $250,000. As for her income, when Celestia was flowing, an individual could donate her amounts around $100 and be a top-donator, which isn’t a very high hit for a favorite Twitch streamer.

Celestia Vega Appearance

Celestia Vega
Celestia Vega

Celestia is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, has blue eyes, ashen skin, and her body type is slender. Earlier, Celestia, had very long hair dyed dark blue, cherry red, and jet black, but she likes wearing wigs of varied colors and lengths, preferring soft pink and blonde shades, but sometimes switches to a long black.

When she started her professional profession, she cut off her hair, making it super short and brown. Some of her fans believe she cut her hair because of a debilitating break-up together with her boyfriend.

Where is Celestia Vega now?

Celestia Vega
Celestia Vega

Her lovers are worried about her disappearance because they can not find any accurate information about her. One can discover remarks under YouTube videos about Celestia, which they’re wondering why she decided to take a rest from social media and deleted her accounts Instagram and Twitter, but they can not receive any replies. A number of her lovers thought she moved back home when she realized her career wasn’t going anywhere.

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