Charlie Zelenoff claims to be an ‘unbeatable’ fighter, but nobody will follow him. Zelenoff is also said to pass through fitness centers where he disturbs individuals to a fight and offers them money to do the same. He also claims to own a 240-0 unbeaten run, also targets winning boxing names and combines the wins to get to be the sole boxing winner in his head. He’s most commonly referred to as a typical boxing bully within the whole planet.

Charlie Zelenoff

He came to be Charles Peter Zelenoff on 27 July 1988, at Los Angeles, California USA beneath the Leo zodiac, which makes him 30-years-old; his parents’ are from Russia, also proceeded into the United states before his arrival. Therefore he could be of American nationality as well as Russian American ethnicity. Ever since he had been a little boy, Zelenoff was fascinated with boxing and desired to be an expert fighter, something that his parents encouraged him. Even though most men and women refer to him like Charlie, he’s also understood by his distinctive nickname Z-Money.

Charlie Zelenoff’s Career

Zelenoff believes himself an expert fighter who started his career in boxing around 2008 . Although his claims have since contributed to varied controversies within the boxing fraternity. Charlie has participated in various bodily conflicts according to his comment with all fighters like Deontay Welder and Crazy Tempo.

In 2017, Zelenoff contested Floyd Mayweather into some struggle and wound up attempting to shield himself at the ring throughout the duration of the pummeling.The majority of Zelenoff’s followers believe him to be a delusional person who has mental troubles. Still, he never shies away from speaking crap about his competitors and other fighters publicly on social networks, notably Instagram and Twitter. Also, he features your own YouTube station with over 20,000 readers excited to see his own articles challenges and struggles, along with his videos having drawn countless opinions.

Zelenoff was thrashed by a 16-year-old African boy when he challenged him to a struggle, the video of him becoming beaten up by the youthful boy got lots of responses from audiences, with several persons asserting that he deserved it. Even though Charlie always claims he is the best fighter ever, in addition to a winner, the same isn’t reflected on his boxing album. As stated by, Zelenoff maintains a boxing set of 0-1 since he had been disqualified in his introduction bout at the welterweight division that has been contrary to Andrew Hartley.

Zelenoff is recognized as one of the greatest boxing actors online , though it may be for all the wrong reason. Even though disqualified in his just real professional boxing game for spitting out his gum defense, he considers himself the finest of them (GOAT).He boasts of rapping many heavyweights, with his 4500 psi cries that allegedly transmit up to power for being a meteorite.

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Charlie once struck the news once he has knocked around at response with Deontay Wilder afterward, he chased him. Additionally, his sparring session together with Floyd Mayweather, Sr. left him famous. The session didn’t survive long, and also, in the end, he had to creep out of this ring afterward, attempting to punch a person more than double his era.This didn’t dissuade him from trashing competitions or change his attitude towards boxing. He claims to be undefeated, along with the entire boxing fraternity does not understand just how to react to his antics and instead opted to dismiss him completely.

Charlie Zelenoff

Charlie Zelenoff Documentary

Many individuals took this fighter badly enough to think of a documentary qualified “Troll Champion: The Charlie Zelenoff Story, UBF Champion, 147-0”, that investigates Charlie’s lifetime including footage of him as the most hopeless fighter globally having a different list of 147 wins with no losses. He regularly would go to Los Angeles gyms at which he supplies money to strangers in the order that they can truly have a fight. Frequently, these victims stop trying after he yells them.


Charlie is currently a married guy who tied the knot along with his unlucky spouse, Daria Zelenoff, as soon as they got married, they became obsolete for many decades, even though there’s not any information about the way the two met. He’s managed to maintain his private life private against the press, also talks about any of it. The couple resides in California, USA. There’s not any advice about Charlie’s past connections or events.

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When there’s one person who affirms Zelenoff within his journey becoming valid within his boxing career, it’s his spouse Daria.

Charlie Zelenoff

Charlie Zelenoff Net-worth

If you’re thinking about just how much Zelenoff may be worth, you may be happy to realize that reputable websites estimate his net worth to exist at under $200,000; a lot of his money is through his YouTube station. This self-proclaimed UBF winner doesn’t have any listing of running a home or even vehicles. However, his net worth ought to be anticipated to grow because his self-professed successful livelihood persists.

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