Carl Thomas Dean Dolly Parton’s husband Everything you need to know about him

Carl Thomas Dean age 2021

Dolly Parton’s husband: Carl Thomas Dean

Dolly Parton husband
Dolly Parton husband

When you talk about marriage strength, then you cam boldly point out Carl Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton who have now been married a good 53 years. Even though Dolly Parton has ever been charming and free-spirited, often vocalizing her ideas, Carl Thomas Dean is entirely booked and soft-spoken.

Carl Thomas Dean was a silent businessman who ran his sidewalk structure and asphalt-laying business in Nashville in the 70s; on the other hand, Dolly Parton’s career has been in existence for over 50 years now, amazing record. Dolly has become a country singer, celebrity, also an award-winning record-label artist.

The two met at a Wishy-Washy Laundromat in Nashville. Carl Thomas thought Dolly was such a doll that he knew that he would wed her daily, although Dolly was surprised by just how much he awakened in her. Both did get married at a personal ceremony that only a preacher attended.


His father was Edgar Henry Dean, and his mom has been Virginia Bates. The introvert Carl Thomas Dean matched perfectly the most bizarre and outgoing woman that Dolly had been.

More about Carl Thomas Dean

dolly parton and Carl Thomas Dean
Dolly parton and Carl Thomas Dean

Dolly Parton’s husband is Carl Thomas Dean. He is a businessman and a full supporter of his wife’s career and works as a highly accomplished and richest country singer, actress, and songwriter.

Even though Carl Thomas is not fond of attending his spouse’s lunches, he has always supported his wife and dreams. Dolly’s career as a singer was monumental. She created many popular songs as early as the 70s that got people talking about her when Dolly was just in her 20s, such as Dumb Blonde and I Will Always Love You.

The latter was so hot that Whitney Houston sang her version of the song. Throughout the 80s, Dolly reinvented herself and became a celebrity. One of her famous movies was Steel Magnolias.

Together with Dolly’s ups and downs in existence, Carl Thomas was around to support her. Carl Thomas has dwelt a reserved life, frequently shying away from media. He has also had a thriving career in asphalt pavement laying.

Dolly Parton husband Age

Carl Thomas Dean, was born on July 20, 1942. He’s 78 years old as of 2020. While Dolly Parton was born on January 19, 1946, so Dolly Parton age is 74.


Carl Thomas Dean age 2021

They were both born and raised in Nashville in the United States, Carl Thomas Dean is now American.

Body Measurements

What should we expect from someone who is about 76 years old? well nothing much. Carl Thomas stands 6 feet tall. He weighs about 185lbs.

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Carl Thomas Dean’s net worth

From his earnings from the company and the couple having conjugal rights, Carl Thomas and Dolly’s net worth totals $51 million. We will always say that these figures are bound to change anytime, our job is to keep you guys updated.

Dolly Parton husband Children

Carl Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton haven’t had kids, although based on Dolly if they had had a daughter, they would have termed her Carla. However, both are contented with their lives together.


Dolly Parton husband children

  • His birthday falls on July 20, and also Carl’s zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • The actress partner’s parents’ are Edgar Henry Dean and Virginia Bates.
  • There’s no information about his early life, grandparents, and schooling, which can be found on the internet, but we will try to update you.
  • As a businessman, Dean was able to run an asphalt road-paving business in Nashville, but these days he is now retired.

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