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Good day everyone. It’s a new month of divine healing and protection from any form of virus; rhapsody of realities has always been a blessing to millions of people worldwide. From recent testimonies, we can see that rhapsody of realities May PDF has transformed the lives of many including me.

Rhapsody of realities PDF was authored by Pastor Chris oyahkilome and for many years, he has been changing lives with his daily devotional. Rhapsody of realities May is written in different kinds of language, this is to enable more readers on the daily devotional book.

Pastor Chris has written lots of books that have changed the lives of many such as the power of the mind, your right in Christ; pray effectively, none of these diseases, etc.

For more than one year, this blog has been sharing rhapsody of realities PDF 2020 to thousands of readers and we will never stop in as much this blog is accessible that’s why you can now download rhapsody of realities May PDF 2020.


  1. Daily teachings by Pastor Chris
  2. Daily bible readings
  3. A prayer or confession to backup the teachings
  4. Series of bible verses related to the teaching

You can see that the rhapsody of realities PDF is well loaded and very useful to everyone.

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How it’s done is that there is always a form to fill such that when the quota gets filled up, we send the rhapsody of reality March PDF file to all emails at once. Ensure that your details are very accurate so that you can receive your own copy of the Rhapsody of realities May 2020 PDF.

Download here
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If you have friends and family that need the PDF file also, do well to share this post with them so that they can access their own rhapsody of realities PDF.

Happy new month

Please we received message from the rhapsody department asking us not to share Rhapsody PDF again, though we are still investigating the matter.


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13 Responses

  1. Onwosi Somtochukwu says:

    So awesome to use…

  2. Dzelamonyuy elvis says:

    I love rhapsody so much

  3. Funny Jamika says:

    The Rhapsody of realities is a real deal daily devotional booklet easy to use and spiritually enriching for me.

  4. Linds says:

    The Rhapsody is wonderful. Now, if only it could be that easy to download. It’s gotten increasingly difficult to download.

  5. Michael Johnson says:

    God is good.

  6. Lifasi tawila says:

    I love ROR its the best…

  7. Lifasi tawila says:

    ,is there another way we can download ROR PDF…

  8. Barnabas Abisa says:

    Hi , please the download link you sent me this month is not working. i get the feedback that this is not a mobile device or the link has been used more than three times when I try to download.

  9. Bolis Natali Othow says:

    Rhapsody is my life.could you send for me a copy for this month on my email please?

  10. Glory be to God almighty. jesus is lord! i love study rhapsody of realities dayly devotional, God bless pastor chris. thank God,

  1. April 27, 2020

    […] Download here […]

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