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Edith Mack and Her husband

Edith lived her whole life in harmony with her beloved spouse Desi Araz. She tragically died at 67 years old on March 25, 1985, at Del Mar, California. Her better half Desi Arnaz kicked the bucket some months later on December 2, 1986, subsequent to losing his fight to lung issues. Desi was 69 years old when he died of lung cancer.



In 1963, three decades later, Desi separated from his very first partner when met Edith. Desi was impressed by Edith’s behavior and that way, a six months afterward, Desi and Edith wedded each other. Resolved to make his marriage a great success, the artist committed his time towards his Hollywood career. He started concentrating more. As Lucy and Desi failed, the union of the new couple remained unblemished. Both didn’t stand out as newsworthy. The couple split after death.


Who is Desi Arnaz?

Desi Arnaz was a Cuban-American actor, musician, and TV manufacturer. Like many wives of celebrities, Edith came to the limelight due to the marriage to Desi Arnaz.


Lucille Ball

Desi Arnaz’s wife, Edith Mack Hirsch, isn’t the first wife of the artist. Lucille Ball, an American actress, comedian, model, amusement studio executive, and manufacturer, was the numero uno spouse of Desi Arnaz. Desi married Lucille on November 30, 1940. Desi and Lucille’s union is considered among the most Luxurious weddings Hollywood had ever observed.

Regardless of this, the connection had its inconveniences. Desi Arnaz’s wife uncovered his disloyalty and his alcohol substance abuse. Following two years of their union, Desi and Lucille divorced.



The performer’s wife had a moderate life, and there remains no data available about her initial life and its different aspects. One of the reasons, so less is known about her is maybe as there aren’t any gifts she left on society. Her name is known by some of those Hollywood fans due to her union with the guy who made any woman’s heart race, with Hollywood onscreen personality Desi Arnaz. After Edith wedded Desi, may individuals began to consider her. Besides, there is no much information available as per her career.

Most of the information regarding her revolves around her husband because he was quite renowned for his work. She had been someone amiable. She was always lively about locating and going to new places and helping people as much as she can. While growing up, folks really adored Edith as a result of this element, it was simple yet so amazing.



Furthermore, some other information about Edith’s schooling stays as a puzzle, and due to that, we don’t know if Edith pursued her college diploma or not. There is not any sound source to inquire from in her family.


The actor’s spouse was born on April 15, 1917, in Illinois, United States of America. Schooling was tricky to get, for most of the general public.

Edith was born in the 20th century. She then moved to a local school situated in Illinois and spent her childhood in her birthplace itself.

Growing up

As a youngster, Edith wasn’t so keen to study or be examined but preferred to spend her time seeing so many exciting places together with her college friends.

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