Heidi Przybyla

She is Bodyone of the very followed news reporters for NBC. Being a superb journalist, she does not always seek to be adored as a reporter.
Her role is to give her opinion about the issues that beset the United States and act as a political adviser, thanks in part to her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and German at Michigan State University.
It was in 1997 when Heidi started her journey for a reporter. She began reporting first for Washington Business Journal. She then became a regular for Bloomberg News.

In the beginning, her reporting market was that of the White House and the U.S. President’s activities. This directed her to become a senior and Congressional political reporter.
After 16 years of covering for Bloomberg, she chose to NBC, and this is where she started to excel as a reporter.

She covered many the Presidential debates and has been the principal correspondent about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as president of the United States.

She has covered many issues surrounding the government and the welfare of the USA and its taxpayers.


She is American. However, the last name, “Przybyla,” is of Polish origin. Therefore it’s very likely the Heidi has European heritage.

Heidi Przybyla Age

She was born on 1973, so Heidi Przybyla is now 47 years old as of 2020.

Body Measurements

Her height is 5 feet 7 inches, and she weighs around 133 pounds.

Heidi Przybyla Marriage

Heidi has revealed that she is married; however, as she attempts to keep her personal life personal, her husband’s identity remains unknown.

Heidi Przybyla’s net worth

Heidi Pryzybla’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1million. It’s obvious that her wealth was accumulated from her career.


Heidi and her husband has two children, a girl born in 2009, followed by their son, born in 2014.
So Heidi Przybyla, has two children.

Heidi Przybyla’s husband

People love private life and she has done her best to maintain her private life far from the prying eyes of the people, let alone the press.

But she has revealed that she got married in some of her tweets.

One particular incident raised more interest regarding her private affairs, precisely when she tweeted “not my dad, brother, and husband” in October 2016 in light of a Donald Trump scandal at the stage where he utilized crude and sexist vocabulary. But as to the actual name of their husband, nobody knows.

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