How To Level Up Your Photography Game And Sell More Things Online

The online photos of your products can make or break a sale. So, if you want to make a sale online, you need excellent photos and make it your frontline. For a successful outcome, you need to do the process in the right way. That said, it will help you make more money.


But what if you lack photography skills?


Well, there is good news for you! There are a few hacks on how to get amazing shots of your products. You don’t have to buy a high-end camera to achieve that.


So let’s get started on how you can improve your listing pictures to get those items moving from the storage! Here are some actionable tips for you:


  1. Use a poster board as a backdrop


If you are selling smaller items, you have to upload a clear photo without any distracting background that will take away your buyer’s attention to the product.


To make your photos look clean, you can buy a poster board in black and white. You photograph items in dark colors using the white poster board and light items using the black poster board.


You place one sheet on the floor. And then, use the other sheet as your background by placing it on the wall. If you don’t want your boards to get crumpled, you store it on a flat surface.


  1. Clean all items for sale before taking a photo


When selling an item online, the first thing that you want to do is to make it look presentable. You have to put effort into cleaning these items before taking pictures. If you don’t, one thing for sure that will happen is you’ll get a phone call from your buyer complaining about dirt or flaws about your items.


If you want to make the best first impression, you have to pay attention to the teeny tiny detail of your items.


  1. Get Close To The Item When Taking A Photo


When taking a photo of your items for sale, you need to have a clean background. You get as close as possible when you take a photo. You would want your buyers to see every detail as possible, and the best way to do that is to make sure the image of the item is occupying the camera frame.


Make sure the item is centered. Give space for the background on the edges of the frame. It will help you save time in cropping every photo of the item you took. If you have filled the frame from the start, you don’t have to crop it one by one, and you can upload it and start selling.


  1. Show the color swatch of the item


In any case that you don’t have the skill to set the white balance correctly on your camera, it can be challenging to capture the actual color of the item. Just get up close to the material and take the photo. You will still need to have some of the background visible to be consistent with the lighting.


  1. Place a recognizable object to show the item’s size


Buyers will have a hard time knowing the size of the items they like by just looking at the photos. One way to solve this problem for them is to put a recognizable object like a coin in one of your pictures.


You may opt to use a tape measure or a ruler. As you take a photo, put it beside the item to show the measurement of the item. By doing this, your buyer will have a reference for the size of the item.


  1. Don’t use props that are not part of the items for sale


Unless it is for sizing reference, do not use props that are not related or included in your items. Buyers will be confused, and you will set the wrong expectations on what you are selling.


For instance, if you are selling a table, do not put books on top. Buyers might expect that books are part of your sales. Show to the buyers what they are getting. No more, no less.


  1. Don’t grab photos from the internet


It can be time-consuming to take photos of your items one by one. But this is not the reason why you should use stock photos to sell your item. Always be truthful to what you are selling and upload the actual photo of your item. Because if you use stock photos on your online store or social media page, buyers might get wrong expectations about the items they bought from you.


If you practice often, you will get amazing shots of your items. Always choose the right platform to sell your item so you can get the items moving quickly. And remember, be truthful in showing what you are selling.

These easy-to-do tips will be useful to help you make more money online but you can also opt to apply for a more flexible loan from a licensed moneylender in Singapore for financial backing.

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