Jackie Stallone Death, what caused the death? See everything about her.

Jackie Stallone Bio

Jackie Stallone Death

Jackie Stallone was born on November 29, 1921 – September 21, 2020, she was an American astrologer, dancer, and promoter of women’s wrestling. She had been the mother of popular actor Sylvester Stallone, singer Frank Stallone, and celebrity Toni D’Alto.

Jackie Stallone Early life

Jackie Stallone Death

Jackie Stallone was born in Washington, D.C Her dad, John Paul Labofish, born in January 15, 1891 — September 11, 1956, he was a Washington lawyer. Her mother, Jeanne Victoria Anne “Adrienne” Cleric was born in July 29, 1901 — February 4, 1974, she was French, from Brittany.

Her parents had met while her dad served in the U.S. Navy in Brest (Brittany) following the First World War. Her paternal grandparents, Rose (Lamlec) and Charles Labofisz were Jewish immigrants from Odessa, then Part of the Russian Empire.

Jackie Stallone was the first girl to have a daily television series on exercise and weight lifting in Washington, D.C., and opened a women-only fitness center, called Barbella’s.

Throughout her youth, Stallone was a trapeze artist in a circus and a chorus girl in a nightclub. Her son, Sylvester’s dad, was Italian American Frank Stallone Sr.. She dwelt relatively quietly for most of her life. Even after Sylvester starred in the film Rocky in 1976, she remained unknown to the public as his mother.

Facts about Jackie Stallone

  • She’s also promised that she can talk with dogs to know about our potential.
  • She is quite enthusiastic about solving skin problems because she’s established many skin sprays and similar goods.
  • She published her first video series on May 6, 2011, where she spoke about her role as an astrologer to Presidents of the United States, including Ronald Regan, George Bush, the Kennedy’s, and Barack Obama.
  • Jackie has a superb aesthetic sense and selects everything independently by selecting her apparel to decorate her property.
  • She wrote a book focusing on an astrological guide to outstanding success, “StarPower I & II.”
  • At age 91, she underwent a plastic surgery; after that, she regretted in the front of the press saying-“I’m looking like a chipmunk with a mouth full of walnuts.” She’s a certified Astrologer by profession and has invented Rumpology, which is an art very similar to that of palm reading.

Jackie Stallone Death

Jackie Stallone Death

Its saddens the heart many to see her die. Though she died at a gracious age, Stallone died in her sleep on September 21, 2020, at the age of 98. Her son posted it on Instagram about the sudden death of his mother.

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This morning my brothers and I lost our mother Jackie Stallone . She was the mother to four children, Tommy, Sylvester, Frankie and my late sister Toni Ann. She was a remarkable woman working out everyday full of spunk and fearless . She died in her sleep as she had wished. It was hard not to like her, she was very eccentric and flamboyant person. She was born on November 29 th 1921 in Washington DC ,she lived through prohibition , the depression and World War II . I would talk to her for hours about the 20's 30's and 40's. It was a history lesson. Her mind was as sharp as a razor till the day she died. She never wore a mask a true revolutionary gal . I guess I'm drowning my emotions in tears and to much vino. But when you've known someone for 70 yrs it tough and sad. She had seven grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren . My brother Sylvester took care of her like a Queen for all of her life. I will never be able to call my mom again or have her yell at me why I never got married . But we all loved her and her sprit to survive and prevail . I'll miss you always mommy. @officialslystallone

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Jackie Stallone Grand Children

She achieved a lot when she was alive, she had lots of grandchildren, and we talked about two.

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