Who is Jamie Colby ?

Jamie Colby, a respected journalist and anchor, has worked for reputable news channels such as CNN, Fox News Network and CBS. She also has experience with WNYW Fox 5 New York and WPIX/WB-11 New York. Her outstanding delivery of News earned her many awards and honours, including the Gracie Award in investigative reporting, Clarion award to women in communications and Murrow National award recognition.

How Old is Jamie Colby ? | Age

Jamie was born in Forest Hill, New York City, on December 21, 1970. She will be 52 in 2022.

How Tall is Jamie Colby ? | Weight and Height

Colby is 5′ 7″ tall. Her body measurements are 37-27-37inches. Jamie has blue eyes and blonde hair and weighs about 66kg.

Jamie Colby’s Career | Overview

Jamie had no idea of becoming a news anchor growing up. As fate would have it, though, she was asked to replace a news anchor who was on maternity leave.

She was in Law School at the time. Although she only had a brief time to complete the task, she persevered, and it ignited her interest in journalism and anchoring.

Later she was hired as a CNN correspondent. During this time, she also had the opportunity to write for several newspapers. She worked with WPIX/WB-11 New York and WNYW Fox 5 New York.

She gained valuable experience that led her to a position at Fox News as a national news correspondent and anchor. After working as a reporter and host on Fox’s Business show ‘Strange Inheritance,’ she was able to leave her employer and part ways in 2019.

Jamie played the role of an alternate juror on the movie ‘One Angry Man. Jamie has been featured in a number of Fox News productions, including Fox Magazine, Sunday Housecall and Kennedy Life.

She also wrote the book ‘Back to Life After a Heart Crisis’ together with Marc Wallack, her ex-husband.

Jamie Colby Husband | Married

Jamie Colby hot

She was married twice. Jamie was a mother to Gregory Green Berg, her first husband. Jamie then married Dr Marc Wallace, almost 20 years younger than Jamie, was then married to her. After years of marriage, they separated in 2011. This shock shocked their fans. Her fans admired Jamie. She supported Wallace and stayed with him while he battled a heart condition that required him to have surgery.

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Jamie Colby Salary

Colby is paid an annual salary of 3 million. Colby is the anchor and national news correspondent for Fox News Channel.

Jamie Colby Net Worth

Jamie Colby height

Colby’s net worth was estimated at $6 million as of 2020. Colby’s success as a journalist has helped her build her wealth.

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