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Kathryn Adams Limbaugh


Kathryn Adams Limbaugh is an American event planner, and also called as the fourth wife of American chat show host, Rush Limbaugh.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

She’s worked on several big projects for several sports events, including VIP projects with top shot sports leagues. She’s also a published author, editor and illustrator of children’s publication series’.

Early Life and Family

Her father was a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served in the US Navy; he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 82 years, on 19 June, 2018.

Kathryn has three siblings, two brothers- Richard Jr. and Jonathan, and a sister- Wendy Hazel.


Kathryn used to work as an event planner and manager and had done several projects for sports events. She used to work as a liaison for VIP sporting events such as the National Football League (NFL), and was a party planner for the South Florida Super Bowl host committee.

Kathryn is also the co-author of her husband Rush’s book entitled ‘Rush Revere and the American Revolution: Time Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans’, a series of Children’s book on American History.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

Relationships and Marriage

Kathryn is fourth wife of American radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh. They met at the Gary Player Charity Golf Tournament in 2004 when Kathryn was planning the event, and had called up celebrities including Rush; this is when they first interacted.

They kept in touch after the event and officially started dating in June, 2007 which was followed by public appearances together in social platforms and events including some Charity events, and the Christmas dinner at White House.

The relationship was received with scepticism partly because of the major age gap of about 26 years between the two. Kathryn was the one to shut it down, stating that age is not an issue for her, and saying that she has always had a liking for older men.

Kathryn was fascinated by Rush and called their relationship amazing. The pair married on 5 June 2010 in Palm Beach, Florida in an Hawaiian-themed ceremony with 400 guests attending — Elton John was invited to perform his classic hits at the wedding.

The couple went to places like Mexico and on various islands trip on Rush’s private jet right after the wedding. On return from their honeymoon, Kathryn filed for work permission at Limbaugh’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Kathryn also nursed him through his ill health and loss of hearing.

Despite of a lavish marriage in 2010, the couple has rarely been seen in public, and insiders say that they have been living separate lives, even in separate houses, although Kathryn usually travels to around the US by Rush’s private jet.

Many state that Kathryn is just a trophy wife for her old husband whom he can boast about and show off to the world.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh
Kathryn Adams Limbaugh and husband

Kathryn Adams and Rush Limbaugh: Cheating and Divorce Controversies

After seven years of marriage, Rush came to know via a news article that Kathryn had been cheating on him with several younger men. In June 2018 Radar Online released a news article, alleging affairs even with a young married man, and with an athlete but none named.

The news shook the radio hot head Rush Limbaugh, and angered him enough to cut off most of her privileges. ‘Rush was startled and humiliated upon hearing the information’, stated a close friend of his.

Kathryn had allegedly been two-timing Rush for a several years, but despite the constant news about her cheating, Rush initially decided to ignore the situation as he is’too reluctant to shed her’.

Kathryn and Rush’s union didn’t possess a pre-nuptial agreement done, so if they are to get divorced, a great deal of Rush’s property is at stake, and Kathryn could win a considerable amount.


Kathryn has been banned from with her husband’s private jet, and nowadays is seemingly living with her mum in luxury hotels in New York and Boston.

After the news of cheating broke , her husband hired a team of detectives to spy and gather evidence against Kathryn. He also hired several attorneys to stage a strong case against her for divorce, therefore Kathryn and Rush are supposedly preparing for a $470 million divorce, but continue to make any statement.

Kathryn’s Net value and Salary

Kathryn’s personal net worth is unknown, but with Rush their prosperity will be authoritatively estimated to be approximately $590 million, and his own salary $85 million per annum. No doubt fascinating times are ahead!

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