Khalyla Kuhn Updated Biography

Nicely, Khalyla came into fame because she was married to famous controversial comedian Bobby Lee. Khalyla Story is an interesting one, so stay glued as we share everything we know about her.

Khalyla has been very secretive in regards to her life, including childhood, from reliable sources, we discovered that she was born in 1984 in the USA. However, she had said that her childhood was not a happy one, and she began taking care of herself when she was 17 years old.

Khalyla Kuhn relationship with Bobby Lee

Before Khalyla got married Bobby Lee, ” she lived a straightforward life, she was known by nobody, working as a waitress at a bar near the shore, where she had a home. She would often hang out with her friends, but it all changed when Bobby Lee had spotted her at a relationship app named Tinder.

Both first started by exchanging text messages before setting up a meeting which all went well, and they started a romantic relationship. Bobby held all this in secrecy because he didn’t want any publicity.

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At the same time, Khalyla feared that her simple life could endure an undesirable turn for the worse, once everyone found out that she was Bobby Lee’s girlfriend.

Khalyla Kuhn Gold digger

It turned out to be true, people discovered that Bobby Lee had an affair with Khalyla. Their marriage later became official and surprising, Khalyla became the centre of focus, and everybody thought of her as a gold digger.

To divert criticism against herself, she posted a tweet saying her feelings on these accusations. The couple were married since August 2016 and currently don’t have any child.

Khalyla Kuhn Career 

After some years of their marriage, Khalyla took advantage of Bobby Lee’s wealth and created a YouTube channel she named TigerBelly, on which they have created a podcast set with the identical name.

Surprising, their YouTube channel had become popular, and today have more than 400,000 subscribers. Their videos have been viewed over 31 million times, and the number of views is rising daily.

Khalyla Kuhn Pictures 

Khalyla Kuhn Net Worth

Although she has not made it known to the public, Khalyla has become very popular since embarking on a career on YouTube with Bobby Lee. It has steadily increased her income, so let’s just see how wealthy Khalyla Kuhn is.

According to authoritative sources, Khalyla Kuhn’s net worth is as high as $1.2 million, which is quite impressive, because her career has only just begun. Undoubtedly, her wealth will increase in the coming years if she continues her YouTube career.

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Khalyla Kuhn ex boyfriends

It’s certain that Khalyla was probably dating someone before she met Bobby Lee, but unfortunately she didn’t reveal any information concerning that.

Khalyla Kuhn Social Account

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