Everything you could not have known about Actress Kimberly Woodruff: Ice Cube’s wife Wiki, Age, Kids, Ethnicity, Wedding, Family, Height

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff

Kimberly’Kim’ Woodruff was born on the 23rd September 1970 in the United States, she is black.

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff

She’s slender, 5ft 3inches, and weighs 46kg. Kim is the spouse of the noted American rapper, actor, record producer, and filmmaker O’Shea Jackson Sr., known broadly as Ice Cube, to whom this mother of five has ever been married 26 years ago.

There is little information regarding Kim’s early life and her parents. Don’t you believe Kimberly deserves some credit? It is not simple to stay in the limelight, particularly when you’re married into some celeb, and still manage to keep your life personal.

Let’s honor her way of life; perhaps this is the why behind her strong relationship with Ice Cube.
Kimberly’s husband, O’Shea Jackson Sr: born on 15th June 1969.

As a talented actor and artist, he first gained fame when he became a member of C.I.A. hip hop-group that became known in 1984 before they disbanded, and then Ice Cube formed the N.W.A group with Dr. Dre and Eazy E, together with whom he gained fame being the team’s primary songwriter.

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff
Ice Cube afterward turned on a solo career after leaving N.W.A. in December 1989, this gave him much more success since he had been multi-talented, which subsequently saw him release many albums, and star in films including”Boyz n the Hood,” “Ride Along,” and the XXX series.

O’Shea’s spouse Kimberly had been increased to fame when O’Shea introduced her as his spouse on his social websites.

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff
Kimberly’s relationship and marriage life along with her fiancé Ice Cube

Kimberly and Ice Cube found love while they were in college — he was obsessed with Kim’s beauty and was left no other option except to approach her. What a brave move! Even though he announced his passion for Kimberly, she didn’t take him.

Perhaps Kim was in another relationship, and that’s why she turned him down.

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff
After parting ways for six months, fate brought them together back in 1988. This time around, Kimberly opened her heart for Ice Cube, and they dated for two years before getting participated in 1991, subsequently officially tying the knot on 26th April 1992. What a great case of true love!

The duo has lived together for twenty-five years, and the press has not seen any divorce rumors or speculation regarding their union.

Shareef (1995), Deja, Darrell (1992), Kareema (1994), and O’Shea Jr., the eldest son born in 1991, are the products of the union.

O’Shea has become a proficient young man following his dad’s footsteps in an acting and rapping career. He has now adopted the stage name O.M.G.

O’Shea has featured in the movie “Straight Outta Compton” in 2015, where he played with Ice Cube himself.
As for Darrell, he has come to be an artist and goes by Doughboy doing rap. Also, Shareef is pursuing science and engineering, whereas Kareema has attained an M.A. level and works as a researcher at Rutgers University Newark.

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff
Why is Kimberly so special to Ice Cube?

Lastly, Deja Jackson is the most adorable; however, her birth date has not been shown yet. Her mother has been very secretive, living her life far from the media, so nobody can tell precisely what she has been around. Unlike the others, it is not simple to see Deja hanging outside with her sister or parents.

Being a star couple is generally not easy as the public will always have their eyes on you. However, Kimberly has surprised many by staying in her union for so many years already.

Ice Cube has never failed to speak of his wife as his precious gift from God. He’s been giving credit to Kimberly for being there for him through thick and thin. She consistently supports him in all ways possible.

According to Ice Cube, Kim is also the best cook ever. He says that this is only one of the most astonishing things he loves about his wife.

Kimberly'Kim' Woodruff
Kimberly’s achievements

Celebrity wives tend to be dominated by their famous spouses, or if they stand out on their own, the charge given back to their husbands makes them famous. Well, this is precisely what happened to Kimberly; her source of fame is through her husband.

The bible says, “He Who Finds a Wife finds a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22).

Indeed, Ice Cube has been blessed with his perfect match. Anyway, Kimberly has been the pillar of her family, taking excellent care of her kids and giving her husband an easy time pursuing his career.

To add to that, Kim hasn’t failed in her position as a spouse. What a fantastic role model for other women to emulate!

Kimberly has also gained popularity from her random appearances in a couple of neighborhood applications and charity events. She has also been seen on the red carpet, in premieres, and from her husband’s music releases. This is what Ice Cube believes that his wife has a passion for since she does it best.

Kimberly has kept all her life private, and therefore the media cannot tell much about her livelihood. But, authoritative sources estimate her net worth is more than $1 million, however, boosted by discussing a well-off lifetime together with her husband, who’s one of the more affluent artists, having a unique net value estimated at over $140 million.

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