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Kristen Saban setas

Bio of Kristen Saban 

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Kristen Saban was given birth in 1990 in Alabama, USA. She is an event planner and most well-known for being Nick Saban’s adopted daughter. Her father is widely regarded as one of the all-time greatest college coaches and helped elevate the University of Alabama to star status.

She was a Tuscaloosa Academy student and was part of the cheerleading team. She attended the University of Alabama. She worked in the football program as a student assistant and an events staffer at Bryant-Denny Stadium, where Alabama’s home football games hold.


She continued her passion for sports after graduating and used her previous experience in event management to apply for work at Bruno Event Team, a sports event planning company. She can keep in touch with her father and oversee other sporting events through the job. She has also covered golf and men’s college basketball tournaments like the SEC.

Relationship Life

Kristen Saban was allegedly Lane Kiffin’s girlfriend. However, they are no longer in a relationship now. In 2015, news broke that coach Kiffin was involved with Kristen in a romantic affair. The information was such a big headline that Kiffin had no choice but to resign as a coach and divorce Layla, his wife.

Kristen Saban 

Even though the allegation was without evidence, the alleged affair had an immediate impact on the lives and careers of those involved. Kristen was married to Adam Setas in 2014 and had a child with him. They have been friends since pre-school.

Kristen and Setas kept in touch even though they lived in different places. Later, they met again in Alabama. They developed feelings for each other when Kristen reportedly broke up with her boyfriend to be with Setas. After a year of dating, Setas proposed to her on a bridge overlooking Nashville. Few months after they got married.

One year before her marriage to Setas, she got involved in an altercation that led to a lawsuit. The petition labeled Kristen for beating up one of her sorority sisters. One of her sorority sisters was allegedly posting on Facebook about an issue that they were having, prompting the other sister to confront her in her bedroom. Later, the court dismissed the lawsuit because Kristen acted only in self-defense.

How Old is Kristen Saban ? | Age

Kristen is 30 years old as she posted in 2020 on social media and celebrates her birthday on December 28.

Body Appearance

Kristen Saban has an approximate height of 5ft 5In.

Kristen Saban 

How Rich is Kristen Saban? 

Kristen Saban’s wealth is worth over $700,000. It’s a result of her work as an events planner. She also probably gained from the success and fortune of her father, whose worth is more than $35 million.

Is Kristen Saban Adopted?

Saban is the adopted daughter of Nick Saban and Terry Saban, his wife. When referring to coach Nick, Athlon Sports mentioned that the couple adopted Kristen and her brother Nicholas. After getting married in 1971 at 21 years of age, the couple adopted them.

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Kristen Twitter Controversy

After the report on the delay of the College Football Playoff National Championship due to Ohio State’s COVID cases, Kristen, Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban’s child, wrote a controversial tweet.

She tweeted that she was critical of Ohio State’s current COVID issues. She said they were “BS” and that the Buckeyes were trying to give Justin Fields time to heal from an injury he sustained against Clemson.

Kristen wrote in a deleted tweet, “If you are not confident to play, then SAY IT.” “I call BS about the COVID cases. They are just concerned about their quarterback and want him to be able to heal. You can always have a backup where needed. We didn’t postpone the remainder of the season to make Waddle happy. BYE.” Kristen knew her tweet was so unnecessary.

Kristen Saban setas

She deleted the tweet and temporarily closed her Twitter account. After a while, Kristen restored her Twitter account. Kristen also posted an apology to Ohio State regarding her deleted tweet. She regrets her remarks on the Buckeyes. Kristen apologized, saying that the tweet she posted was wrong. “I made a terrible mistake, and I sincerely apologize. I was furious and let my anger overwhelm me. I hope you can grant me your forgiveness”.

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