Kristy McNichol Wiki bio, today, net worth and relationship

Kristy McNichol
NameKristy McNichol
Birth PlaceUSA
Date Of Birth1962
Age58 years (as in 2020)
Height5 feet and 9 inches
Net worth$7million

Kristy McNichol is an Emmy award-winning actress and singer, active on film and television during the 1970s-1980s.

Wiki Bio, age and Career

Born on September 11, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, Kristy McNichol started commercials as a child performer. She acted in the tv drama Family, where she won two Emmy Awards and started a singing career. She starred in some movies over the next ten years, but an ongoing struggle with bipolar illness hurt her productivity. She retired from acting in the late 1990s.

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Kristy McNichol as a Kid Actor

Kristy McNichol was one of the most popular young actresses during the 1970s and 1980s. If she was three, her parents divorced.

At the age of 6, McNichol took at her first commercial. Both she and her brother, Jimmy, were hoping to create it as performers, with their mother Carollyne serving as their supervisor. In 1974, McNichol made her television debut in short-lived drama Apple’s Way.

She played Patricia Apple, a young town woman who goes to her father’s little hometown in Iowa with her parents and three other sisters. A lot of the drama based on the clash between the family’s urban approaches and their rural community. However, the series failed to find much of the audience.

Kristy McNichol Movie And Singing Career

Besides her work on the show, McNichol started a movie career. She made her film debut at the dark comedy The End (1978) with Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise. On the small screen, McNichol created several popular television movies, including Like Mom, Like Me (1978) along with Summer of My German Soldier (1978). She also starred in Blinded by the Light (1980), with her brother Jimmy.

Aside from behaving, McNichol enjoyed some fame as a singer. She performed on several television variety shows and specials, including The Donny and Marie Show along with The Carpenters Christmas Special. She, along with her brother, Jimmy, recorded a record of disco tunes in 1978 and had a small hit with the single “He’s So Fine.”

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Kristy McNichol Struggles

Regrettably, her next film project turned out to become a crucial and box-office dud. The Pirate Movie (1982) was a somewhat modernized take on the musical The Pirates of Penzance by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. In a critique The New York Times, McNichol was singled out as the best performer in the movie, but she was”still not in good form.” Her co-star Christopher Atkins fared considerably worse because he was described as “someone reciting in a school play.”

Additionally, in that period, McNichol made one movie that was not even released in the United States. White Dog (1982) was an odd drama about a dog trained to attack people with black skin, and the attempts made to break its racist programming.

Hiding her physical disability by wearing a fake cast, her character falls for a photographer while in Europe. McNichol was unable to hold herself together during filming. “I hardly slept… I was crying all the time… It was the hardest thing I’d ever done to get through that film,” she informed People magazine.

Kristy McNichol today

Kristy McNichol

After years of avoiding the spotlight, McNichol shared some very personal news using the press in 2012. She came out as a lesbian, trusting that her public acknowledgment of her sexuality would assist others. McNichol, according to her spokesperson, is very sad about children being bullied… She would like to help others that feel distinct.

McNichol resides in Los Angeles. The prior celebrity now devotes her time to these pursuits like tennis and yoga. She is also an enormous fan of dogs, and contains many mini dachshunds.

Kristy McNichol Net Worth

The famous actress whose profession has made her a millionaire in recent years has reported to worth about $7million. She also owns multi-million properties in different cities, which has skyrocketed her net worth in past years.

Kristy McNichol’s Family

Father: Jim McNichol

Mother: Carolyn McNichol Lucas

Sister: Jennifer Lucas

Brothers: Jimmy McNichol, Thomas McNichol

Husband/Boyfriend: Martie Allen

Marital Status: Unmarried

Kristy McNichol Relationship With Martie Allen

The famous actress has been reported to have a relationship with Martie Allen, but from our findings, they are yet to get married. 

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  3. I like Christie Mcnichole.
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    And she belongs in the teen idol hall of fame!
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