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Top 3 facts about Levy Tran

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1. Likes Both Gilmore Girls and Game of Thrones

TV-wise, Tran has said that she likes both Gilmore Girls and Game of Thrones. The original was a comedy drama from the 2000s based on a single mum and her teenage daughter, which received a relatively recent followup which was met with a very mixed response due to the lack of expansion on the section of the figures in spite of a substantial passage of time.

The next was a fantasy based on the novel series called A Song of Fire and Ice, which had a spectacular start but proved to be incapable of providing a satisfactory conclusion when the show runners had run from books to adapt.

2. Likes a Wide Range of Food

Apparently, Tran enjoys a wide range of food. For example, Tran has stated her fondness for pasta and pizza. Furthermore, Tran is fond of steak, though it has to be very rare rather than some other state. Finally, she enjoys sushi, sandwiches, Mexican cuisine, and Vietnamese noodles.

3. Tran is known for her tattoos.

It is intriguing to note that she’s apparently gotten a lot of things pierced but no longer wears piercings in the present moment. In reality, Tran does not even wear earrings .

Levy Tran Wiki/Bio

Levy Tran is an American model and actress whose art has seen her rise to some renowned figure in Hollywood. Her role in the movie Furious 7 was a breakthrough to her success. The actress became popular with tattoo-lovers because of her tattoos all over her body. What exactly do we know about this bubbly actress?

Who is Levy Tran era? The celebrity was born on 8th April 1983 in San Jose, California. Levy Tran actual title is Vy Le Tran. She grew up alongside her younger sister, Chi, in California.

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Levy Tran career

In 2011, Levy began her modelling career and achieved quite some success. She became one of the best Asian models in Los Angeles. She later decided to leave LA following a year of doing advertisements for various brands. Some of the renowned brands with that she worked include Inked magazine, Glass magazine and Tattoo Life.

This was accompanied by an appearance in the controversial audio video, Asian Girlz. Levy later apologized for the role in the video saying that it was not meant to portray anybody as inferior. At exactly the identical year, she had been called the most beautiful woman in the whole Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Levy Tran films and TV shows

The celebrity has appeared in numerous films since her acting career took off. Here are the movies she has appeared in as well as the roles she’s played. Action movie fans have probably come across some eye-catching Levy Tran martial arts movements. This is a consequence of her ongoing weapons and martial arts instruction to better fit her film roles.

Levy Tran tattoos

Among the most fascinating facets of the actress are her tattoos. Levy has many tattoos all over her body, all of which hold important meaning to her. She obtained her first tattoo when she was two years old.

The zombie tattoo on the side of the stomach is her favorite because it retains the most significance and artistry. The actress’s fans and followers frequently get a glimpse of the tattoos in the social media pictures that she regularly places.

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Levy Tran family

Information regarding Levy Tran relationships is quite scarce since the performer keeps her private life under wraps. Levy Tran parents came into the USA from Vietnam. There’s absolutely not any verifiable information regarding their identities, even however. The actress has been rumored to be dating Ryan Reynolds although not one of the two alleged lovebirds has supported the accounts.

Levy Tran Height and measurements

The celebrity places fitness among her top priorities. As a result of regular workouts along with a healthy lifestyle, she has a jaw-dropping physique that will make most people envious. She’s of average height at 5 ft 3 inches and a mean weight of 52 kilograms. Her body steps 31-24-35 inches at the chest, waist and hips, respectively.

Levy Tran is a talented actress whose elegance has made her once of the finest female actresses in the modern world world. She appears to possess a knack for action-oriented films and television shows which, to some degree, define her personality. Tran’s rise to success is unquestionably an inspiration to many individuals from other parts of the world.

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